View Full Version : Vince Gill/Amy Grant Bullshido Interview

Sam Browning
11/28/2003 12:28pm,
I was watching Primetime last night and they had a half an hour story on Vince Gill and Amy Grant. The story supportively recounted how they ditched their previous partners and then married each other. I don't claim to be a particularly moral person but it was hilarious to watch Amy "Christian Music Star" Grant talk about god's forgiveness without even being willing to mention that she and Vince needed such forgiveness for committing the sin of adultery. I know Amy was married at the age of 21, and may have been bored in her marriage, but her behavior does not match her professed faith.

They also showed a tape of Amy and Vince singing together in a sound booth within hours after meeting for the first time about a decade ago. She comes up behind Vince and raised her arms to hug him flat handed at about nipple level. In retrospect it was clear that she had quickly choosen to get herself a hunk a hunk of hillbilly love. :P Supposedly (and from another source) Gill's wife found about the new happy couple when she discovered Amy's mash notes stuffed in his golf bag. Anyway I was wondering what an appropriate title for her next CD should be?

A) Amy Grant: the Hubby Swapping Secular Humanist Album
B) Amy Grant: I'm really going to go to hell now album
C) Amy Grant: I'll be sexually pleasuring Satan soon album

11/28/2003 12:37pm,
Typical "do as I say, not as I do" crap.
People need to Distinguish between faith and religion, specially religious dogma.

11/28/2003 1:45pm,
And either of you care....why?

11/28/2003 1:50pm,
Slow day at work.....

11/28/2003 2:05pm,
Same here.

Usually lots of American customers? You're in an industrial machine shop, right? Or is it a custom autoshop?

Sam Browning
11/28/2003 3:01pm,
Cause I like some of Amy and Vince's music while being annoyed by her marketing, plus I hate watching the media so completely accept a star's spin on matters.