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6/06/2008 3:42pm,
I really thought the Matt Brown vs Amir fight was awesome. Being able to watch it cageside was amazing. Dana White was going crazy the entire fight and even though Amir won, Matt Brown had absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. We all knew this, except for yours truly, Jeremy May. As soon as Matt Brown was leaving the octagon after his fight, I saw Jeremy walk up to him with his little evil smile and tell Matt good fight and that he wanted a rematch. I thought it was pretty disrespectful for Jeremy to say that to Matt. He had almost kicked Jeremy's head off a couple weeks prior and now (still with a broken nose) Jeremy decides he wants to demand a rematch as soon as he sees Matt lose a fight. As Mike Dolce put it so poetically, "Jeremy May is an IDIOT."

Needless to say, Jeremy just needed attention. I could really tell that he was socially awkward in the house. After he heard Jesse talking to me in the kitchen, he decided he needed to screw with Jesse and try to push his buttons. I was sleeping when Jesse tried kicking Jeremy. I heard all about it when I woke up the next day. Apparently Jeremy had been drinking and decided to refer to Jesse as a Jewish B****. Since Jesse is partly Jewish and already has a dislike for Jeremy, it was the perfect recipe for him to explode on him. Thankfully, Amir and others held him down so he wouldn't crush Jeremy. All in all, it was a dumb incident which resulted in some good tv drama.

Tim and I had to fight Dan and C.B. We cut weight together and Tim had a couple pounds to lose, whereas I had about 15 to 20 to shred. Obviously I got the weight off but it was by far my hardest cut. On fight day, I woke up and went downstairs to eat breakfast and C.B. and Pat were already downstairs talking. I had heard that C.B. didn't like me. I'm pretty sure that he is the type of fighter that needs to be mad at his opponent in order to fight him well. After seeing him with Nick, I knew he would try to intimidate me as well in the house. It did not bother me. I'm a pretty relaxed guy before my fights regardless of how my opponent is. I went outside and climbed up on the side of our backyard to eat breakfast. I remember one of the camera guys walking by the side of the house and he told me ‘good luck’, which I thought was really cool. Tim and I left for the gym together and he was first to fight. Everyone left, and I was alone in the locker room. Amir asked me if I wanted him to stay, but I told him to go with Tim because I wanted to be alone for a minute to get my head right. As Tim's fight started, I could hear Riddle going nuts. I figured that by Riddle's reaction, Dan was winning the fight. Not too soon afterwards, Tim came back into the locker room and I was unsure if he had won or lost. He was complaining of his performance, even though he had won. He then put his performance aside and started to get me hyped up since I was about to fight in 10 minutes. It seemed like a had just fought. Oh wait, I had. Pat and I fought only a few days before. I knew that C.B. would be tough because he is such a dominant wrestler. I really worked on getting back up to my feet because I knew he would take me down. But having a few days to work against someone who has been wrestling since they were 5 is definitely not enough time. That fight was my first loss, and it did not feel good at all. C.B. did a great job doing what he needed to do, and I didn't do anything that I needed to do. On a side note, I want to point out that during the scene after my loss where we are all sitting in the locker room, you can see a $ sign shaved into the right side of Jesse's head. He got the barbers that came to the house to put a dollar sign into the side of his head to represent JT Money. I cracked up when I noticed it on tv because I had completely forgotten about it. Props to JT Money.

The producers took us Go Cart Riding a couple days after my loss and honestly it was the most fun I've ever had ever. Being in that house drove pretty much all of us mad. So doing anything would have been the most fun ever. Those go carts were fast as hell and we rode for about 2 to 3 hours. It was a lot of fun. Afterwards, we got back to the house and everyone was still feeling pretty crazy. We all began to drink. It turned into a crazy night. Jesse ran into a wall and everyone was going nuts. I told my mom I wouldn't break anything so I basically sat there with a beer and watched. From what they showed on the show, you would assume it all happened one night. Not true. The show was showing clips from the whole time we were out there. They made it look like one night. The night everyone tore down the stairway banister was nuts. I was sleeping and it honestly sounded like an earthquake was going on. I walked out of my room half asleep and noticed the stairs were gone. It was nuts, to say the least.

We went to the gym in order to hear the semi final match ups. I remember everyone was pretty hungover that morning. It seemed like we sat there forever. Rampage was about an hour late to the gym. The match ups were chosen:

Amir vs C.B.
Tim vs. Jesse

Jesse actually wanted to fight C.B. They had wrestled in college and C.B. had beaten him. Jesse said that it was a crazy time in his life with his kid being born and that he wasn't really able to train for it. He really wanted to fight C.B. in the semi's. But as we all saw, Dana had a different idea for the match ups. Make sure to watch next week's episode. The fights are great.

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6/06/2008 4:47pm,
Why dont C.B. like you? I never caught what happened to piss him off at you..

6/06/2008 5:49pm,
What happened to episode 9?

6/06/2008 8:27pm,
Not exactly sure why he didn't like me, ya know. I'm always laid back and I feel like I got a good sense of humor. I guess I made some comments to him that he thought were personal and he took it to heart. Who knows. I didn't actually know he was talking **** about me until I watched the recent episodes.

6/06/2008 8:27pm,
And as far as episode 9, I've been training real hard and haven't really had time to fully catch up yet. I should have it up sometime tomorrow.

6/06/2008 8:30pm,
I remember one of the camera guys walking by the side of the house and he told me ‘good luck’

Even the camera guys didn't like C.B.

6/10/2008 10:08pm,
Just so I understand it, when somebody loses a fight they still live in the house?
Dident they use to go home in previous seasons?

6/10/2008 10:25pm,
The 3rd season they brought all the eliminated fighters back for the semifinal rounds. Then, in all the subsequent seasons they just kept all the eliminated fighters around. It's my understanding that in the first two seasons eliminated fighters actually went to a "Loser's House" so as not to give away who lost.

6/11/2008 8:38am,
Ah k, thanks man.

Teh El Macho
6/11/2008 9:14am,
I kinda like (for the guys who lose their fights) that they can stay in the house. It's pretty neat that they can still continue training and make the best of the opportunities.

6/11/2008 12:08pm,
I kinda like (for the guys who lose their fights) that they can stay in the house. It's pretty neat that they can still continue training and make the best of the opportunities.Though that is good, I strongly suspect the producers made the decision because they noticed declining levels of man-drama when there were fewer people around...

6/11/2008 1:23pm,
yeah some of the guys did. like dolce, he was the first to lose but he continually trained hard for the remainder of the show. whereas, certain guys would drink all day and night.