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10/17/2002 10:00pm,
Does anyone have any videos that show fights between different styles? Not the UFC/Pride stuff, but fights that actually occur locally in dojos or gyms. For example, I'd love to see a Kung Fu fight between two guys. Or Kung Fu vs Taekwondo etc.

10/18/2002 12:07am,
Follow me in three years when I start my dojo yaburi tour of the Southeastern U.S. and bring a video camera.


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Deadpan Scientist
10/18/2002 12:14pm,
How would two styles fight? Only two fighters can fight.

10/18/2002 12:22pm,
Check THIS site, there is a controversial KungFU vs MMA video, a WT vs WC and some MMA/Pride?UFC stuff, also a TKD vs MT. As well as one or two not so good street fights...

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10/18/2002 1:15pm,
I think cross training is the in thing not one style vs another.


10/18/2002 2:51pm,
Just had one uploaded, but I have to get them formatted properly so it can be downloaded properly.

Wing Chun vs. Kyokushin Karate.

10/19/2002 2:52am,
Wagers on a 350lb bodybuilding Kyokushin fighter with 50 professional bouts against a grade 2 WC man ... or someone not even DOING WC ...