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11/26/2003 2:55pm,
Dim Mak

First of all, there is no “death touch”.
There is no “delayed death” anything.

Now, what Dim Mak is ( or Dian Xue, or Atemi, or Kyusho) is the theory of striking anatomically weak areas in the human body.
These may be nerves, they may be arteries or veins, they may be joints ( yes joints), they may be muscular targets, they may be a combination of some or all the above.

If you do NOT know how to fight, Dim Mak will do NOTHING for you.
If you DO know how to fight, Dim Mak will make you a better fighter.

Most points everyone knows already, for example:
Temple = GB3
Jaw = ST5
Back of the neck = GB20 or GV 16 or GV17

These points work, boxers and MA use them all the time, the better the fighter, the better they work.

You have to hit them, hard, there is no TOUCHING.
Dim Mak is a sub-system, it is taught within a fighting style, not AS a fighting style.

Dim Mak is NOT “one punch one kill”, it is NOT about knocking out someone from across the room !!!

Forget the bullshit, but don’t disregard what does work.

11/26/2003 2:56pm,
here are some charts:

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11/26/2003 3:07pm,
I'm with you Ronin 110%. What I really hate is the death touch myth. When someone dies two days after you hit them it's because you hit them so hard either

A. you dented their kidneys
B. put a blood clot in their brain

hit them hard enough with a shot that goes straight through and they'll never know their bleeding on the inside until it's too late. Does this hapeen? Yes. Often? No. In MMA? NO! Why? DOCTORS
Roy Jones will break your liver if he catches you with one of his lunging body shots. When you start pissing blood its time to see the Doc.
In old days...not so many qualified medical specialists.
but deffinitley some docs with herbal remedies for internal bleeding
(you'll die if you don't get the CURE for the DUH DUH DUHHHHHH "DEATH TOUCH"!)
Mike Tyson's got a death touch boy and ya know it!

Mr. Mantis
11/26/2003 3:08pm,
I DO NOT know Dim Mak, but... Ahh **** it!


How do you know so much about Dim Mak?

11/26/2003 3:11pm,
You study ANY striking art long enough, you learn about dim mak.

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Mr. Mantis
11/26/2003 3:13pm,
Originally posted by ronin69
You study ANY striking art long enough, you learn about dim mak.

About it yes, actually learn it though? And don't give me this accupoint crap.

11/26/2003 3:17pm,
The fact that SOME accupoints corresponde to anatomically weak areas is, I think, more of a coincedence than it is "art" or science.
Western MA have had vital points for armed and unarmed and never needed "chi" as an explanation.
You can learn by studing anatomy to begin.
But you can use common sense on shifting through the BS in many "dim mak" books.

Mr. Mantis
11/26/2003 3:23pm,
Anything you have read in a book about Dim Mak is probably complete bullshit. But I see what you are trying to show here Ronin69. I knew of a guy who knew Dim Mak, but he is long dead, and refused to teach it to any of his students, except that he did it to one of his students!

11/26/2003 3:33pm,
You have to look at it for what it IS and not what it ISN'T.
There are no secrets in dim mak, it is a PART of a fighting style, boxing has Dim Mak.
The problem is when people make it to be something its not, they clumb 5 or 6 vital points with 30 that don't do **** for example.
Or they only train it in controlled circumstance because its TOO dangerous.
And when they try to use it, BLAH !!!! they can't.

Mr. Mantis
11/26/2003 3:44pm,
Dim Mak is more than hitting weak spots on a chi meridian.

11/26/2003 3:51pm,
Dim Mak is KNOWING how to hit them and the system it is taught with, should teach you HOW to use it in a fight.