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11/26/2003 4:30am,
Well, for starters, not a lot of throwing down went on ... it was a very casual, laid-back thing.

Attending from Bullshido:

Several friends/co-workers of Yiliquan
(He'll have to provide identifying details, I'm terrible with names.)

It was held in a Korean MA school, that taught among other things Haidong Gumdo. It also had lots of windows and scary signs (like the "Karate Bucks" notices). There was a wall poster of nunchuck moves, with the illustrated figure looking exactly like Bruce Lee in "Game of Death" (it's the jump-suit).

I got there about 11:30ish AM (Maybe a bit earlier). Dibble arrived later (and she was coming from much mich closer! Shame on her!)

J-kid is a perfectly nice, very young boy. Stop giving him such a hard time. You can yell "Double Leg Takedown!" at him, if you like, though.

Yiliquan1 (abbreviated to Yi from now on) is a big guy, very stong, and very skilled. He let me do some full strength limb destructions on him, then did one pretty hard one on me that showed me what the point of those things are.

He also tried to put me on the spot with talking about my art, but I'm unfortunately both shy about it and fairly certain I don't really know anything yet. So I equivocated and passed the buck.

The most memerable thing in my mind was when the three young army guys showed up at the door "to check out the martial arts here" and we had to explain that none of us did any of the arts taught in the school. "There's about seven different arts represented here, right now, but none of them are what goes on here normally. Sorry."

Various people split off and did different things. I worked weapons with J-kid for a little bit; we exchanged energy drills; Dibble and I discussed/worked the different kinds/levels/patterns of sumbrada. The women carries lots of neat weapons around with her. I find this cool. There was a little bit of groundwork, and a lot of talking and comparing notes and training strategies, which I actually quite enjoyed.

Then we went to Denny's, and I discovered that American Buffalo Strips taste much better than the **** they try to feed us up here.

While not much fighting went on, I was very happy to have gone, and met people, and had a different perspective on both my arts and some of the traditional arts represented.

We talked about doing it again in the new year, since there is apparently a very good Kali guy in Bellingham. I think that's a good idea.

J-Kid, Yi, Dibble anything to add?

11/26/2003 4:37am,
good to hear everything went well, if you do it again could you video it(no matter how short the video may be)?

im sorry to hear there was no brawling though...

11/26/2003 5:43am,
No cover up.

He didn't fight much that I saw, but I wasn't watching when he rolled with the Judo guy Yi brought with him. I think he did okay. He's VERY young.

11/26/2003 5:58am,
"He's VERY young."

are we talkin nappeis here? he cant be younger than me...

11/26/2003 10:12am,

send us a pic. of the NW McGrouphug.

11/26/2003 10:15am,

11/26/2003 2:08pm,
17 people....

I guess anyone under 25 i would consider young.

11/26/2003 2:12pm,
I rolled around with a guy who was a judo/BJJ guy which was fun, Then i rolled with Yili second in command which was fun the guy was nothing but nice. we did stand up and i showed him a little takedown defence.

11/26/2003 2:18pm,
so.....J-Kid is some "kid" who is muscle bound with a boyish face and no facial hair?

Did everyone get pasted afterwards?

11/26/2003 2:21pm,
I wanted to do some sparring but as seeing as i was the only one with gloves and gear (shin pads gloves and mouth guard) we didnt do much. I think yiliquen might have sparred but he had just gotten L.E.S so one good shot to the eye could have been bad news. Not to mention they dont wear any sort of gear. As JKD chick said above she and I worked on some stick fighting which everyone seemed to have alot of experience in besides me. We also sharred our diffrent experiences in our diffrent arts and did a little bit of a demo. Thats about everything in a nut shell.

11/26/2003 2:23pm,
Sounds like you guys had a great time and that it was educational.
Any nude pics of anyone in the showers?

11/26/2003 3:59pm,
I requested that no one post pictures of me ... for a special reason that will come clear in the New Year.

11/26/2003 4:02pm,
oh??? now that DOES sound intriguing... can we get a hint?

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11/26/2003 4:53pm,
Move to Canada Osiris, we'll get pasted!