View Full Version : Canseco to fight ex-NFL Pro Bowler for $5K

Snake Plissken
5/27/2008 9:07pm,

Jose Canseco put out a challenge, and a former NFL Pro Bowler has answered the bell.Canseco, the former Oakland A's slugger and reality TV veteran who recently revealed that the mortgage on his home had been foreclosed, offered $5,000 to anyone who would step into the ring with him and headline a boxing card in Atlantic City this summer.
Now he has an opponent.
According to multiple published reports Tuesday, former Eagles kick returner and two-time Pro Bowler Vai Sikahema will fight Canseco in a July 12 bout at the Atlantic City Bernie Robbins Stadium.
Though Canseco, 43, has a size advantage on Sikahema (6-foot-4, 240 pounds compared to 5-9, 190 pounds — according to their variously recorded playing weights), Sikahema, 45, may have more boxing experience. The Tonga native famously did a goalpost-punching celebration dance after scoring a kick return touchdown against the Giants in 1992.
The boxing stunt is evidently a plan Canseco hatched to deal with his deepening financial woes. He has been through two costly divorces, rumored to have cost him as much as $8 million each.

Kid Miracleman
5/27/2008 10:10pm,


5/27/2008 10:18pm,
Jeebus. I give it to Canseco on the assumption he'll be nice and roided up for the match.

Roidie McDouchebag
5/28/2008 3:08am,
Canseco seemed like a cool guy when he wrote "Juiced" and did interviews about it, but ****...what a loser.

7/11/2008 6:12pm,
This is happening this weekend? I just heard about it today. Any coverage anywhere? Should I/anyone care?

7/11/2008 6:39pm,
No way he's beating a Tongan. You don't **** with Tongans.

Snake Plissken
7/11/2008 7:11pm,
I used to watch Vai Sikahema when he played for the Cardinals.

Great guy, phenomenal conditioning.

7/11/2008 10:12pm,
What could possibly be better than watching Jose Canseco get beaten up and humiliated at the same time?

7/12/2008 7:01am,
I don't know- I thought I've heard in interviews that Jose is a "black belt". I don't know in what. Of course, Screech also claims the same thing, so who knows.

So is this going to be on any TV or live stream online?

Toby Christensen
7/12/2008 7:39pm,
No way he's beating a Tongan. You don't **** with Tongans.

For once we agree.
Teenage boys weighing about 20 stone each, for Christ's sake.

I actually inquired about Tongan weaponry, as the Tongan empire was extensive. They replied that they used weapons in WAR ONLY, but "Throwdowns" were conducted by trading a punch for a punch until one gives up.

I looked at them, then their arms and fists, and reminded myself never to piss them off. :bowdown:

7/12/2008 8:46pm,
I actually sent them an e-mail awhile back trying to accept this offer. There was an article that ran a month or two ago that said he would fight anybody for 5,000 bucks, and they provided a link to apply to and everything.

I guess they were holding out for someone semi-famous though.

Oh well. I'd have loved to box his ears :(