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5/26/2008 12:55am,
Heya all, long time reader here and I decided that its time to be in mix now. Ive been into martial arts for a long time now. Started young with Shorin-Ru and Tae Kwon Do and later in life I have studied Boxing, Kickboxing and Kung Fu. Ive taken a haitus from training and have gotten too fat lol. So half of me coming here is looking for advice be it training, diet, and of course MMA discussion. Im looking foward to reading and shooting the ****. Thanks.

5/26/2008 12:56am,
BULL RUSH ON Hollowbody!!!

sum yung gai
5/27/2008 11:33pm,
Welcome to Bullshido! Would I be right in assuming that your user name is a reference to a particular type of guitar?