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5/22/2008 11:04pm,
I think all the guys from Team Rampage thought that C.B. was going to blow through Nick. Nick and I both fought on the same day even though the show had us fighting on different episodes. As I talked to Nick before his fight he seemed really nervous but he assured me that thats just the way he is before fights. Everybody approaches fighting differently. Nick obviously did not enjoy the confrontation part prior to the fight (which sucked because we were living in the same house). Seeing him in the locker room as we were getting examined prior to the fight, I could really tell that his demeanor was changing. I could tell he was ready to fight.

As soon as my fight was over, I went and sat over in the weight room with Tim, Jesse, and a few other guys from my team. They said it was about 15 minutes until Nick's fight. I took off my gloves, drank some water, and next thing I know the producers were telling us to get in place for the Nick/C.B. fight. It was an exciting fight to watch. C.B. came out and really controlled Nick and out positioned him on the ground. Even though Nick was throwing up a lot of arm bar attempts he never had the chance to really finish anything. C.B. eventually got the choke in the second round. After those fights me and Nick had to go to the doctor. He had a big cut on the back of his head which he had to get stapled and I had a small cut on my left eye lid that needed to get stitched up.

Next thing I know, they brought us to the gym to do the quarter final match ups. They called us one by one to come back into the room where Dana, Rampage, and Forrest were doing the picks. C.B. was first to go. I was next. As soon as I got in there they asked me who I wanted to fight. I hate this question. I haven't been fighting all that long and it seems like I get asked this question a lot. I don't like to pick my opponents, that's not my job. I like being told who I'm fighting. So, when they asked me I told them that I didn't care. Preferably, I did not want to fight one of my teammates. So, I told them either Dan or C.B. They told me that C.B. was talking **** and wanted to fight me. I thought that Dana was just trying to stir up some tv drama and was messing around. I found out last night that C.B. did call me out. That's cool. Apparently my comment to him and Riddle about their matching sunglasses got to him. Anyways, I was messing around but I guess it gave C.B. a good reason to want to fight me so that match up was set. That was just an awkward day. We spent a long time at the gym, while the match ups were being set. I had just gotten done fighting the day before and now I had to reset my mind to get ready for another fight.

Random Thoughts:
1. Forrest looked like even more of a monkey with a shaved head
2. C.B. talks in third person
3. Pat had to get pins and plates put in his hand after our fight. Pretty sure he was on some good painkillers throughout the rest of the show.
4. The Inside Net Gun was awesome.

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5/23/2008 2:05am,
I know it's all over and done with for you but...

Seriously, it's creepy to look at.

5/23/2008 1:10pm,
I need one of those net guns.