View Full Version : Owned from my guard! (Yes KFDW, but not by a CMAist you gimp!)

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11/24/2003 7:30pm,
I was owned from my gaurd by a MMAist.

I would like to lay down the fact that I was pounded by a Martial Artist with a more complete understanding of the guard posistion than I.

I will however edge my bets that everyday thugs don't train with the conviction of said MMAist. As I have proven in a recent event. I firmly believe that my skills on the ground will be enough to defeat nearly every foe I encounter on the dreaded street.

I bid you good evening. Except you, you fucking prick !
:) (He knows who he is!)

11/24/2003 7:56pm,
My, aren't we in a mood.....

That would be like a black man besting a Clan member, god forbid.

11/24/2003 8:06pm,
What really is the point of this thread?
Did you care to discuss something?
Share something with the collective?
Or just flirt with KFDW?

11/24/2003 8:56pm,
Beaten from the guard? IMPOSSIBLE!

And on a related note, has anyone seen that new movie Groundhog Day? That Bill Murray, he's going places.

11/24/2003 9:05pm,
go to a thai brothel, im sure they will be more than happy to teach you the "proper way to use the guard", after all a donkey is a lot stronger than a human.

Deadpan Scientist
11/24/2003 9:06pm,
WTF does that mean?

11/24/2003 9:10pm,
what doesnt it mean?

11/24/2003 9:34pm,
Originally posted by manchuria
go to a thai brothel, im sure they will be more than happy to teach you the "proper way to use the guard", after all a donkey is a lot stronger than a human.

wtf does it mean

i am not sure what it means, but i don't think it is important. manchuria's amazing talent is grouping a set of zany words that sounds hilarious in any context: thai, brothel, guard, donkey
you can put those words in any story and they will sound funny:
"a thai doney asks a guard, where's the brothel, guard says, no way, you ain't getting your donkey penis wet before i do"

"a thai, a donkey and a guard walk into a brothel..."

see? the possibilities are endless

11/24/2003 11:56pm,
i have talent?

ill explain my statement:

in some parts of the world (thailand just being the example pulled from the dark recesses of my brain) there are fewer laws regulating the sex trade than in the west, this allows experienced practitioners to incorporate special "props" not seen in the more controlled shows, barnyard animals are probably one of the cheaper and more awe inspiring of these, so it is fairly safe to assume that a participant of such a show would have her legs wrapped around the said animal (i used donkey for my example) in a BJJ guard style at some point during the show.

Since BJJ guys are always bitching about how they train with FULL CONTACT and are TOUGHER that everyone else in the way they train isnt the logical conclusion of that philosophy to test your skills against the strongest opponent possible? A donkey would not be too far off this in my oppinion as it is much stronger and more powerful that any mere human BJJer. So i was simply making a joke out of the fact that maybe these ladies of the night in thailand train their guard more extremely than any BJJ guy and that they know the "REAL BJJ".

apparently no1 actually understood what i said so now a mediocre joke at best has been completely triangled by nobody getting it and me having to explain it in full.

sorry to wast everybodies time :p

11/25/2003 4:02am,
no problem, now i get it, the donkey, guard.... ouch!
maybe ignorance is bliss :p
regardless a very educational and refreshing introduction on the use of farm animals in exotic brothels , much more interesting than any national geographics specials i've seen

11/25/2003 4:13am,
Donkey guard=easily countered with world famous "donkey punch".

11/25/2003 4:33am,
WTF does that mean?

11/25/2003 5:21am,
manchuria--- u da man!!!!!

11/25/2003 6:11am,

11/25/2003 9:22am,
"That would be like a black man besting a Clan member, god forbid."

That was actually pretty funny.

Oh my, I am sorry for wasting your time Pizdoff. Will you ever forgive me ?

11/25/2003 1:00pm,
So you were beat down and you have to assert your lost manhood somewhere. It happens.

I wonder what MA was this guy using, do you know? And don't say MMA, its not a style whatever you say.