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11/24/2003 3:55am,
found this on the web
here's a guy who knows how to mix business with pleasure:

seriously, do you think it is a good thing or bad thing that women train mostly only with other women?

11/24/2003 4:05am,

ninja references are bad... very bad

this pic should be on the rottie thread tho:


11/24/2003 4:09am,
Awful. How many times are women assaulted by women?

11/24/2003 4:11am,
site says they don't do forms, and seems they do stand up fighting as well as a lot of ground work
oh what fun it must be rolling with sweaty hot women all day long...
however I would agree that working out with only other women may not prepare them too well for real life fights/assaults

11/24/2003 4:56am,
I have lots and lots of problems with the idea ... but the fact is, alot of women can't handle training with men for personal reasons, or social reasons, or physically. It's a dillemma. You can't train realistically without trying to match conditions to "reality" as much as possible. And women get attacked by men.

Deadpan Scientist
11/24/2003 9:41am,
What is she doing in that picture?

Deadpan Scientist
11/24/2003 9:43am,
Originally posted by Osiris
This man is a genius.

11/24/2003 10:00am,
Women only is fine, if its just for exercise and fun.
IF you start to proclaim you are teaching valid self protection, then that is another story.
One of those women seems to be doing it only for fun anyways, check out her hands and fingers, long nails, dead give away about the "seriousness" that she puts into her MA.

11/24/2003 10:03am,
its a bit bad, i prefer training with bigger, stronger, better conditioned and more skillful opponents as much as possible. Women get to do that much more often if they train with guys. Plus quite often guys and girls fight with different styles, it seems a litlle shortsighted to cut that out....... plus clubs tend to be better socially if there is a comparitave number of each gender

11/24/2003 10:07am,
As a woman, serious about my training, I think this is a total waste of time too. I take the point that some women feel uncomfortable about training with men, but they can build up to this slowly if necessary.
No disrespect to these ladies, but I have never seen a serious martial artist look so glamourous in the dojo.

This man is indeed a genius.........or a con artist misleading these ladies.

11/24/2003 10:13am,
"Awful. How many times are women assaulted by women?"

Rosie Odonnell (spelling).... need I say more.

11/24/2003 10:13am,

Seriously how much leg did Einstein get? I wonder if he has an affiliate program?

11/24/2003 10:14am,
I think the picture is very interesting.... You can see in many of their eyes the build up of "chi"...Oh, wait thats just reflection from the camera....sorry.

11/24/2003 10:31am,
The satin sashes really bring out the color of their lipstick

11/24/2003 10:33am,
Why am I thinking of the commercial with the guy pillow fighting with all the women when I look at that picture.....ummmhh.

Deadpan Scientist
11/24/2003 11:06am,
I can't believe you guys missed the videos!!