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11/24/2003 12:17am,
I suspect that a lot of you probably like fighter games and I was curious which ones people like... for any system, including arcade and on computer

11/24/2003 12:21am,
Hey Judo Phoebe, why did you put this in Traditional Martial Arts Discussion?

11/24/2003 12:27am,
It's the only section of the forum I read so it's just easier for me... I'm sorry if this upsets anyone. You can move it if you really want

11/24/2003 5:24am,
tekken 3 to be precise

11/24/2003 6:46am,
Rogue Spear.

11/24/2003 9:41am,
Rainbow six series, SWAT3, and of course Ghost Recon...... Also on playstation 2 the pride game.
I made an Asia guy and submitted him every time!!! My cyber self is really good. Sorry Asia, it had to come out sometime. And Asia, don't think you can duplicate this..... The game doesn't let you make a short dumpy white guy!!!!

11/24/2003 11:09am,
What do you like about these games?

11/24/2003 11:13am,
who me....*looks around dumbfounded*

Deadpan Scientist
11/24/2003 11:13am,
I might as well admit that I've played and beaten all of the Final Fantasy games. I like the story (which has been pretty weak as of late) and the flashy cgi sequences(from the new ones)

11/24/2003 11:23am,
Tetris really turns the crank of my Jack-In-The-Box.

11/24/2003 11:25am,
"Tetris really turns the crank of my Jack-In-The-Box."

OMG.... I can't believe you just typed that!!!! Are you nuts!!!! Now everyone knows how to turn your crank.... is that what you wanted....attention...

Kicking Machine
11/24/2003 2:20pm,
Soul Calibur, or Soul Caibur 2, Tekken Tag, Chaos Legion, DDR (My geekiness shows), Inital D, nd othr random games.

11/24/2003 9:16pm,
Capcom VS SNK 2. There's nothing better.

11/24/2003 9:19pm,
britney's dance beat

11/24/2003 9:22pm,
I don't play much anymore, although 'Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic' got me addicted for a while.

11/24/2003 9:56pm,
need for speed: underground
super puzzle fighter 2
super dodge ball for the NES

those are the ones i've been playing lately. i'm big on any need for speed games, and fallout.

and a good favorite is CvSNK 2, great game, almost as good as Super Street Fighter 2 for teh SNES