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11/23/2003 9:20pm,
How practical is the elbow in a standup fight? Consider things like, does it require a clinch, is the hook punch a better substitute, etc.

Omega Supreme
11/23/2003 9:22pm,
Elbow does more damage with less potential of hurting one's self.

Survey says "ding ding din ELBOW!!!"

11/23/2003 9:24pm,
If it hurts, it hurts.

11/23/2003 9:25pm,
i love elbows, they are so hard and hit with such force, the body mechanics are so easy and they are an exposed weapon......... they rock. they can be used in a clinch and from distance, if one can close the gap. They work excelently for self defence in the ' did you spill my pint' range as well

11/23/2003 9:30pm,
i prefer elbows especially since when training hook punches, i see alot of people (myself included) hurting their hands because on improper positioning.

But there is alos a hook like punch where you extend a little moreand hit with your second set of knuckles. I think it is used to try to cut open above your opponents eyes....it hurts to get hit with it anyway because you can snap you hand very fast. I only use hooks when training in them or when told to.

11/23/2003 9:32pm,
I prefer elbows, myself, especially when I'm fighting close quarters with a suspect. Firstly, it's alot safer than punching, which goes along with what Omega mentioned. My worst fear is punching some guy in the face, cutting my knuckle open and finding out later that I've contracted Hepatitis or HIV. I'd rather be safe than sorry.
Secondly, it's alot eaiser to do when you're up close, since it's not exactly practical to keep the suspect at a distance when you're trying to handcuff him. And moreso, when you've got a duty belt on with about 10 lbs of kit.
And lastly, Omega's right again...there's a hell of alot more power in an elbow strike than in a punch anyway.

Disaster Master
11/23/2003 9:33pm,
Originally posted by BIGBANGSingh
How practical is the elbow in a standup fight?

Consider things like, does it require a clinch,
No but it is a good idea

is the hook punch a better substitute, etc.
No, like omega said

"Elbow does more damage with less potential of hurting one's self."

11/23/2003 9:35pm,
The only problem with the elbow is the range, specifically a lack of it.

A couple of personal elbow stories.

I'm walking down the street and a guy I don't walks up to be grabs my shirt and asks if "I have a problem." Before I can react he fires to punches right to my face. I snap out of my daze, cup the back of his head with my left hand, and elbow his head with my right. He drops like a sack of bricks. Fight over.

Couple of weeks ago I was in class, working on defenses against weapons. My partner gives me a stab to my gut, I step off the line of attack, grab his weapon arm with my right arm and hit him with an outward elbow with my left. I wasn't even trying to hit him, but his forward momentum took his face right into my elbow. He was out cold. Second time in almost twenty years I've hurt my partner while training.

11/23/2003 9:39pm,
sorry, if one wants a good testament to the practicality of the elbow, then look at the first few ufc's, where elbow strikes accounted for a great deal of the victories. ok the guys back then weren't so good stylistically but before elbowing to the back of the head was outlawed it had accrued a grat many knockouts

11/24/2003 12:42am,
Keep in mind I'm talking about purely standup fighting. i.e. Hook elbows to the head. It just seems to me that when I'm practicing on the heavy bag, I get more power out of the hook punch when I'm not clinching.

11/24/2003 1:52am,
Do some MT, and practice with someone who's been in a ring and find a teacher.

11/24/2003 1:56am,
"The only problem with the elbow is the range, specifically a lack of it."

This is one of the practicality issues I was thinking about.

Mr. Mantis
11/24/2003 1:59am,
Consider the elbow in stand up grappling. It works good there too.

11/24/2003 3:29am,
a great technique, but i would only use it when i see an oppertunity rather than relying on it as one of my main offensive moves.

11/24/2003 3:48pm,
Rising Pheonix, just gotta ask, dont you think there's a greater chance of cutting someone with an elbow? Thereby giving more blood and chance for infection? I think an elbow cuts skin pretty well on the face, prolly more reliably than a punch.
Some food for thought.

11/24/2003 4:32pm,
Are you more likely to get whatever the guy has if his blood is on your nails or if its on the skin on your elbow?.. I gotta figure the elbow is pretty low percentage. Dont know about the nails. Someone here probably does though...