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11/23/2003 5:38pm,

Check out the "punch defense" the knees aint bad, but what's he doing at the very end, clawing the back of the guys neck?

A blue belt in bjj and he acts like it's some big ****.

11/23/2003 6:03pm,
Does that count as "alive"?

11/23/2003 6:03pm,
Yeah. I dont particularly like the block/grab that he first goes for either... the knees seem ok, and then.. yeah... the claw. Is that just... a stylistic touch on the end, or what?

11/23/2003 6:04pm,
My bad, it looks like he first goes for a punch to the chest... seems like it has no power behind it... or I am just wrong. Then the neck thing... is he trying to rip off the guys ear?

11/23/2003 6:08pm,
it is a bad ass mortal combat style finish move to impress the neophytes and make them buy tapes

11/23/2003 6:12pm,
Udo: Probably not, as there is no mention of sparring anywhere on the site.

11/23/2003 6:32pm,
Regarding the punch defense the only thing I can figure is he is either trying to hook the left eye or hook the neck for a twist. (Since they didnt describe what they are doing we will never know.)

In the gun disarm he follows only one of the principles needed for gun disarm. He fails to rotate and fails to penetrate. He does initially push but then coverts it into a pull. To counter the whole maneuver all the attacker has to do is simply step back and pull resulting in the gun directly pointing directly at the attacker.

Weapons disarmament is learnable skill with its own inherent principles that need to be followed as in any other combat art process.

Disaster Master
11/23/2003 7:35pm,
The guy throwing the punch is doing it in the worst way imaginable.