View Full Version : Howdy! Newb on forums.

5/04/2008 10:35pm,
Hey! My name's Eddie, I'm new here on the forums. Hmm, a little about myself, I'm home trained by my father in Muay Thai since I was small, so I never actually did professional training. I've had a couple of spars with people that do different martial arts here and there, nothing serious though. My body isn't well conditioned enough to actually go against many fighters I know, however I'm hoping that many home training techniques and equipment will help me work on my body. I'm possibly joining a kickboxing gym not too long from now and afterwards possibly taking on Brazilian Jiu Jutsu.

A little something else about myself is I'm 21 years old collrge student residing in Delaware (However my house is in New Jersey). I enjoy many things such as Airsoft, MMA, Star Wars, Anime, and all that other nerd stuff.

5/04/2008 10:35pm,
welcome to bullshido! let us know how training with other people goes.