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11/20/2003 9:26pm,
what are your favorites?

Deadpan Scientist
11/20/2003 9:29pm,
The last fight in mortal kombat III

gong sau
11/20/2003 9:30pm,
Those are realistic!? In that case, my vote is Snatch.

11/20/2003 9:37pm,
i guess the problem is if you define realistic = most likely to be reproduced in real life, MA movies would be quite boring to watch...

11/20/2003 9:41pm,
heh...FIGHT CLUB...for an flashy MA movie, i'd say fist of legend.

11/20/2003 9:45pm,
flashy->last scene of romeo must die, where jet and his pretty boy enemy started flying around after drinking cases of redbull, quite entertaining

Disaster Master
11/20/2003 9:46pm,
Donald "Red" Grant vs. James Bond from Russia with love.

11/20/2003 9:46pm,
Ripley vs the alien queen.

11/20/2003 9:55pm,
Jet Li "Fist of Legend" and Iron Monkey

and the last fight in cowboy bebop the movie:D ]

It was actually one of the more realistic scenes i've seen and its an anime

11/20/2003 9:58pm,
other than Ripley vs the alien queen
can you think of any female on female action?

(with or without oil, mud, jello...)

11/20/2003 10:20pm,
Six-String Samurai....

Disaster Master
11/20/2003 10:27pm,
Not girl on girl but a cool fight, Patricia Arquette vs. a pre-Sopranos James Gandolfini to the death in True Romance.

11/21/2003 12:01am,
We're talking hand-to-hand here right?

Good post I was going to make one like this.

Well I'll start with Gummo - there's a scene were two brothers are just messing about hitting each other, and although they may be pulling punches they actually really start hittign each other a little, wrestling about. On the subject of Hamonry Kronine I guess Kids (written) has a realstic scene when they're stomping that balck guy, All of Larry CLarks stuff, also Julien Donkey-Boy when the two brothers wrestle.

Training day: A scene were Ethan Hawke's (?) Character gets into a fight with two bums, he mounts them and strikes, goes for chokes.

Gangs of New York even as a pretty dcent scene were Caprio goes for a rear naked choke, then turns it into a fish hook to win.

Kill Bill and the lip biting scene is semi-realistic.

China Town has one or two with Jack Nicholson which aren't too far off of being realistic.

Fgithclub is another one.

disaster master yes in true Romance, that's not too bad, although I dunno if it;s 100% realistic, although it's a good one.

I guess for favortie I'd go with some of the above plus maybe Matrix 1/2 for favortie scences.

There's probably hundreds more realistic scenes too.

There's obviously lots of ganster movie realistic weapons scenes, like the godfarther (car piano wire scene), Casino were Peschi stabs the guy in the neck repeatedly with a pen, scenese from series like the Sopranoes. Loads of different things. Theres probbaly hundersd more foreign films I haven't seen with realistic fight scenes also. None come to mind really.

deus ex machina
11/21/2003 12:22am,
Training day: A scene were Mark Wallberg's Character gets into a fight with two bums, he mounts them and strikes, goes for chokes.

Mark Wahlberg wasn't in Training Day you fucking idiot.

11/21/2003 12:28am,
arnold vs. everyone in commando. i like the scene where he rips a telephone booth out of the ground with that girlie man sally in there and throws it, then fights off 20 cops barehanded. i also like the scene where he throws a pipe through the main bad guy and into a boiler and says "let off some STEAM, bennet!"

11/21/2003 12:32am,