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10/15/2002 11:23pm,
what do u think hahahhahhahahaha


10/16/2002 12:32am,
****, Pakistan has a jujitsu federation, but Florida doesn't? Man, we always get fuckin shafted when it comes to martial arts. New York or LA, you can find anything you want.

Tampa, you can find 1 Muay Thai gym that's closed down, 1 turned into a chinese restaurant, and a JKD kwoon turned into a rattan furniture store.

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10/16/2002 3:41am,

You're from Florida? I am orginally from Miami.

There are many Jujutsu schools in florida but I don't know of a federation.

It is good that the Paks have one. Maybe they can turn their energy to that instead of blowing up pple.

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10/16/2002 9:52am,
Yeah, from around Tampa/St. Petersburg (actually, a little north of St. Petersburg, and kind of far from Tampa).

Can't find **** for martial arts around here. There's ONE school that teaches Kodokan Judo on the side, one chain of uber-commercial kung fu schools, TKD and Tai Chi out the ass, and the rest, for better or worse, is either McDojo or caters to the "my kid is a black belt" crowd.

Oddly enough, some of the best stuff I've seen yet wasn't even listed in the phone book. Go figure, eh?

And that's what I call REAL Ultimate Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/16/2002 11:51am,
I don't get it what's so funny about this sight?

10/16/2002 3:38pm,
asia, he means bjj i think...

10/16/2002 3:45pm,
hmm maybe not judging by the site..