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4/26/2008 8:26pm,
By: Paul Romer

As part of Bullshido's new mission to start covering more events INCLUDING regional shows I did a report on a show here in Georgia. So, without further ado I give you...

Wild Bill's Fight Night 13 War and Destruction - Atlanta, Georgia - April 25, 2008

This was a pro-am event so a little explanation is needed about rules. The rules for the Professional bouts in Georgia are the unified ruleset that everyone is used to. I need to explain the differences in amateur rules though. In the state of Georgia amateur fights have these major differences with pro fights:
1) No knees to the head or elbows at all
2) 3, 3 Minute Rounds
3) Fighters where 7 oz training style gloves and shin/instep guards
4) A knocked down fighter is issued a 10 count for getting up
5) Ground and Pound to the head is illegal

I have been to a number of events at this venue before. I have to say that this was the least well promoted event I'd been to here. It should be noted that a new promoter took over the job of promoting the show. The man in charge of promoting the event before was David Oblas of Undisputed Productions. He has always done a good job of getting info about the event out and promoting the matchups. The new promoter, Dana Pitcher of Dana Pitcher Productions, didn't seem to have a lot of advertising done. In fact I didn't hear any radio spots about the event until the day before. The only reason I knew about the event is because I train in MMA which obviously gets me easier access to the local fight scene, and I keep tabs on the Wild Bill's website. This was easily the smallest crowd I'd seen at the venue. The only reason the floor/ringside seats were full is they weren't checking tickets to make sure you belonged there after the first fight. Had they checked the floor seats would have been half empty.

The actual quality of the production itself had slipped a little as well. I'll admit I'm a bit of a sucker for a slick production. The former promoter always had nice, professionally printed fight cards laid out on the tables and ringside seats so you knew who was fighting when. This time the fight card was simply text on office paper looking like it came out of an inkjet that morning. I spent 10 minutes wondering how to even get a fight card until someone told me you had to ask for one of the sheets at the ticket booth. Also, in the past as a fighter is getting ready to walk down the ramp you always had a quick statement by the fighter and his thoughts on the fight being broadcast on the screens around the venue. There was none of this, this time. There were some other small things I won't get into. Overall it just seemed as though less effort was put into making a quality production.

The fights themselves, however, were pretty much fantastic across the board. All of the fighters came out ready to go and looked prepared. All of the fights were exciting with only 3 of the 10 going to decision. The only downside to the fights themselves was the terrible officiating and controversial decision in the main event which is discussed below. Moving on to the fights...

Fight 1: Billy Wall vs. Cody Barns - Amateur MMA, 213lbs

Round 1:
Wall comes out quick with a lot of looping and sloppy looking, but very hard punches. Wall spends the first part of the round chasing Barns around and landing a lot of shots. He seems to be in real control. However, Barns manages to clinch, and execute a beautiful hip toss. Wall manages to escape and stand up pretty quickly. They clinch, and Wall lands numerous knees to the body along with a number of other strikes. They remain in this position for a while as Wall seems to control Barns. With time winding down Barns manages a single leg takedown landing in cross-side. He lands a few body shots before moving to north-south. He finally manages to take Wall's back just before the bell rings.
My Pick for the Round: Wall 10-9

Round 2:
Wanting nothing to do with the standup Barns immediately tries for a double leg and fails, but winds up in the clinch. From there he manages another great hip toss landing in Wall's half-guard. Wall quickly manages to recover guard. After being unable to pass for a while, and being unable (because of Georgia amateur rules) to ground n pound effectively Barns falls back into a straight footlock attempt. He holds this for a bit, and then, very strangely, lets go with one arm and reaches over Wall's other leg and attempts to apply straight footlocks to both feet simultaneously. When this, of course, doesn't work Barns winds up back in Wall's guard and stays there for about a minute. He eventually passes to cross-side, then to half-guard and finally takes mount just before the bell rings.
My Pick for the Round: Barns 10-9

Round 3:
Once again Barns immediately tries for a double, but Wall sprawls into a front headlock. They standup and Wall lands some good punches to Barns' head. Barns tries again for a double leg, but Wall sprawls again. This time Barns holds on and drives Wall to his back and immediately passes to mount with a grapevine. Barns once again tries a questionable submission when he tries to apply what looks like a figure-four choke from mount with no arm. When this doesn't work he tries to punch from mount, but following Georgia rules he's only punching to the chest and arms, which is of course mostly ineffective. Finally Wall pushes him off, but Barns lands in cross-side and finishes the round kneeing and punching the body.
My Pick for the Round: Barns 10-9

The winner was: Cody Barns by unanimous decision (score was not announced)

Fight 2: William Jackson vs. Kyffon Brinegar - Amateur MMA, 170 lbs

Round 1:
The round starts with the two circling a little and feeling each other out. Brinegar quickly gets a double leg takedown, but Jackson stands back up right away. Jackson follows with numerous flurries of sloppy punches. Most are blocked, but a couple connect. The rest of the round is a mix of clinch and trading punches with Jackson throwing significantly more punches, though most were blocked. Brineger does manage to land a couple leg kicks, but it was too little too late for this round.
My Pick for the Round: Jackson 10-9

Round 2:
The round begins with both fighters trading and trying to find their range. Brinegar lands a couple of solid shots to the head and then covers up effectively against the return strikes. More circling and trading follows. Brinegar comes forward with a blast that backs Jackson up. Jackson quickly counters and lands a hard shot to Bringer's head. He follows that up with several more good shots. Brinegar retaliates with some combinations of his own. The last of which is a three punch combo that spins Jackson around and has him running away. The round ends with some more trading of punches. Once again Jackson threw significantly more punches, but this time Brinegar's punches landed cleaner, with more power, and definitely had their affect on Jackson.
My Pick for the round: Brinegar 10-9

Round 3:
The round begins with both fighters coming in fast trying to end it, but it quickly settles down. Brinegar clinches and lands a good knee to the body. Jackson fires back with some punches that Brinegar takes mostly on the arms. Brinegar responds with a hard body kick. Clinching with mostly ineffective striking follows for a while. At one point Jackson manages to land a wheel kick to Brinegar's head, but he shakes it off. Brinegar fails a double leg, but winds up in the clinch. He pushes off and lands a hard left hook that shakes Jackson up. Brinegar tries and fails again for a double leg. He then comes forward with a blast that connects with at least 5 punches before the bell ended the fight.
My pick for the round: Brinegar 10-9

The Winner was: Kyffon Brinegar by split decision (scores were not announced)

Fight 3: Donnie Wilson vs. Keegan Boyd - Amateur MMA, 155 lbs

Round 1:
The round begins in an explosive flurry of punches by both fighters with the vast majority being landed by Wilson. Boyd can't get away and is dropped hard by one of Wilson's combinations. As per Georgia amateur rules Wilson has to back off while Boyd is given a 10 count to get up. Boyd gets up quickly, and is back in the fight. Wilson comes back with more of the same. Wilson lands a hard hook that staggers Boyd, but Boyd manages to clinch. Boyd tries for a double leg, but falls to his back with Wilson in his guard. Wilson wants nothing to do with the ground and lets Boyd up hoping to deal out more punishment. This seems to be a good plan as he seems to land punches at will. Boyd keeps coming forward and taking the punishment, but you can only wonder how much more he can take. Boyd manages to clinch, but the break and circle. Boyd manages to land a jab and some leg kicks, but Wilson lands more of his big hooks. Boyd clinches again to avoid the punishment, and winds up putting Wilson in a standing guillotine just as the bell rings.
My Pick for the round: Wilson 10-9

Round 2:
Wanting nothing to do with the Wilson's standup, Boyd comes out and immediately takes him down with a double leg. Wilson tries for a guillotine with Boyd in his guard, but Boyd pulls out. Boyd works Wilson's body with punches then quickly transfers to half-guard, and then to mount. Boyd sits in mount for a LONG time working punches to the chest and arms. When it looks like Wilson puts his arm out Boyd tries for an armbar, but fails landing with Wilson in his guard. Boyd quickly tries to set up a triangle but the bell rings.
My Pick for the round: Boyd 10-9

Round 3:
Both fighters come out trading. Surprisingly, Boyd continues to stand and doesn't try for a takedown. This time it pays off. Boyd lands a vicious bodykick, followed by a combination and then a hard headkick. These left Wilson visibly staggered. Boyd continues to stalk Wilson around the ring landing more kicks and punch combinations. Eventually Boyd catches him with a great combination putting Wilson to the mat. Boyd backs off to allow the ref to issue the count. Wilson manages to slowly get up. However when given two changes to walk forward Wilson has trouble moving straight to the ref. Consequently the ref calls a stop to the fight.

Winner: Keegan Boyd by TKO - round 3

Fight 4: Joey Martin vs. Darrell Proadi - Amateur MMA, 168 lbs.

Round 1:
Both fighters come out throwing punches with neither landing. Proadi shoots a double, but Martin sprawls. Proadi switches to a single and manages to drive Martin back landing in his half-guard. Martin locks up a guillotine on Proadi from half guard. It looks to be pretty deep, but Proadi stays calm and manages to pass to mount. Unbelievably, Martin holds onto the guillotine even though he's just been mounted. Martin tries to hold on for dear life, but after about a minute Proadi manages to break loose. Martin manages to roll and scramble out. Proadi immediately grabs on and executes a great hip toss landing in cross-side. He quickly takes mount. When starts to throw punches to Martin's body, Martin tries to push but only manages to give an arm to Proadi who transitions into a VERY SLICK armbar. Martin tries to roll out, but Proadi holds on and finishes belly down.

Winner: Darrell Proadi by submission (armbar) - round 1

Fight 5: Willie Smalls vs. Vern Ruffner - Professional MMA, 205 lbs

Round 1:
Both fighters come out and trade some punches. Ruffner shoots for a double leg, but Smalls stops it completely. Smalls manages to get a takedown of his own, but Ruffner stands up quickly. Smalls picks up the 200+ lb Ruffner like he was a lightweight and slams him to his back landing in cross-side. Ruffner manages to recover half-guard where he attempts to lock in a kimura from bottom. He almost manages to pry the arm out when he loses his grip. Smalls passes to mount, but the fight is stopped and moved to the center as they were falling through the ropes. Ruffner tries to escape from Smalls' ground and pound, but only manages to slide round the ring. He eventually rolls over and Smalls secures a rear naked choke forcing Ruffner to tap.

Winner: Willie Smalls by submission (rear naked choke) - round 1

Fight 6: Dave Linder vs. Ramonte Chatman - Professional MMA, 145 lbs

Round 1:
Right away both fighters clinch. Linder tries a hip toss, but fails as both fighters come crashing down causing a scramble. Chatman secures an arm-in guillotine while pulling guard. Linder stays calm and works his way out. As it looks like Linder is about to escape, Chatman lets the arm go and locks in a no-arm guillotine. Linder keeps his cool, though, and manages to escape. Once out of danger, Linder starts to ground and pound. This causes Chatman to open up his guard. Linder passes to cross-side, and then he quickly transitions to mount. Chatman tries to roll, but Linder keeps his balance and takes Chatman's back. Linder wastes no time in securing a tight rear naked choke forcing the tap.

Winner: Dave Linder by submission (rear naked choke) - round 1

Fight 7: Keith Richards vs. Brett Chism - Professional MMA, 205 lbs

Round 1:
The fight begins with Richards coming straight forward. He clinches and manages to hip toss Chism down and climbs right to mount. Without taking much punishment Chism uses his immense strength to simply push Richards off him and stand up. Chism then locks in a double leg and gets a takedown of his own. Richards immediately escapes and stands up though. The two fighters clinch, and Chism tries again for a double leg but fails. Richards uses the chance to lock in a standing guillotine. Chism uses his hands to keep space around his neck, but he manages to eat several good knees to the head for his effort. Eventually Chism breaks out of the guillotine. The next couple of minutes are filled with the fighters clinching and trading punches in the various corners of the ring. Chism then lands a couple big punches that rock Richards. This is followed by more clinching in the corner with Richards landing some light knees to Chism's body. The two fighters manage to circle their clinch out to the middle of the ring where Chism lands a monster elbow that drops Richards hard. Chism jumps on the ground and pound to finish causing the ref to rescue Richards.

Winner: Brett Chism by TKO - round 1

Fight 8: Kelvin Hackney vs. Tim Gawenda - Professional MMA, 170 lbs

Round 1:
Both fighters come out throwing kicks. This is followed quickly by a clinch. Hackney manages to secure a body lock and a trip to take Gawenda down. Hackney quickly transitions to mount. Gawenda pushes off and regains half-guard. Hackney comes right back to mount and starts to throw punches forcing Gawenda to give up his back. Rather than try for the submission Hackney continues to pound the sides of Gawenda's head from on top of his back forcing a tap to strikes.

Winner: Kelvin Hackney by submission due to strikes - round 1

Fight 9: Cody Hodges vs. Andruis Smaginas - Professional MMA, 155 lbs

Round 1:
Hodges comes out and immediately secures a bodylock and a takedown, landing in Smaginas' guard. Hodges doesn't do a good job of controlling Smaginas, as Smaginas manages to work his way around to Hodges' back. Hodges stands up with Smaginas on his back. Smaginas lets go and the two clinch. Hodges tries a double leg but Smaginas sprawls hard. Hodges manages to hold onto a single, but can't drive through. The two stay in this position for what seems like a couple minutes as Smaginas hammers Hodges with elbows and knees in every opening he can find. Finally Hodges loses the single leg and Smaginas takes his back. Hodges stands up again. He tries to break Smaginas off by slamming himself backward. Smaginas manages to hold on, and the two roll over winding up with Smaginas on top of Hodges while still controlling his back. Smaginas wastes no time in locking in a rear naked choke and eliciting the tap.

Winner: Andruis Smaginas by submission (rear naked choke) - round 1

Main Event: Rishad Khalliq vs. Dave Mewborn - Professional MMA, 185 lbs.

Round 1:
The fight starts with both fighters trading some shots with good defense being demonstrated. Mewborn tries a shot and misses, but quickly tries again with a single leg. He gets the takedown and lands in Khalliq's guard. Mewborn works and passes to half-guard. Mewborn doesn't deal out much from the top of this position as he's trying more to pass. Khalliq manages to push Mewborn off, and the two scramble with Mewborn once again landing in Khalliq's guard. Khalliq manages to stand up though. Mewborn throws a body kick, but Khalliq catches it trips Mewborn. Khalliq doesn't want anything to do with Mewborn on the ground and lets him up. The two clinch and trade knees. During the clinch Khalliq is visibly holding Mewborn's shorts but isn't called on it. Mewborn hits a beautiful double leg takedown to finish out the round.
My Pick for the Round: Mewborn 10-9

Round 2:
Both fighters come out and trade punches and leg kicks. Mewborn grabs a single leg and switches to a double to finish the take down. He comes down in Khalliq's half-guard. After trying and failing to pass Mewborn throws a few elbows and passes to cross-side. Khalliq quickly regains half-guard. Mewborn sits in half-guard for a while trying to pass again. After a while he gives up and throws a couple more elbows. Mewborn manages to slide into cross-side again. Khalliq does a good job of staying on his side and keeping Mewborn from doing anything but trying to hold him down. At this point the Ref decides he needs stand up the fighters FROM CROSS-SIDE!!! At this point Mewborn is visibly tired while Khalliq looks relatively fresh. Khalliq lands a number of good shots. Mewborn tries for another single leg but fails and falls to his back, but is immediately let up. Mewborn tries this time for a double leg and fails. With each failed takedown attempt Khalliq lands some good shots while Mewborn looks more tired. Between takedown attempts there was also a lot of clinching with Khalliq still holding on to Mewborn's shorts without getting called for it. The round ends with a couple more failed takedowns by Mewborn and some more good punches landed by Khalliq.
My Pick for the Round: Mewborn 10-9 (but it was VERY close, and I could see it going the other way)

Round 3:
This round starts with Khalliq looking fresh and Mewborn looking tired with a cut below his right eye and across his nose. The two come out and trade punches. Khalliq throws a blatant side-kick towards Mewborn's knee that goes without a warning. The two trade some more with Khalliq getting the better of the exchanges. Khalliq comes at Mewborn with a blast and lands a couple that seem to shake Mewborn a little. Mewborn circles out. Khalliq lights Mewborn up with another combo and headkick. This seems to wake Mewborn up as he throws and lands a head kick of his own. Looking like he caught a second wind Mewborn shoots in and gets a double leg and takes Khalliq down winding up in his guard. Mewborn quickly passes to half-guard. Mewborn tries again, to pass but this time switches to his elbows much sooner. The next couple minutes of the round are spent with Mewborn alternating between pass attempts and raining down elbows. As Mewborn passes to cross-side he locks in what appears to be a tight D'arce choke. Khalliq however manages to create some space and stands up. Mewborn immediately switches to a standing guillotine and drives Khalliq into the ropes trying to finish the choke. Khalliq's arms drop and his whole body slumps to the mat unconscious. Mewborn lets go and Khalliq falls through the ropes and wakes up. The ref stops the actions BUT DOES NOT STOP THE FIGHT, instead putting the two in the middle of the ring and starts the fight again with Mewborn in Khalliq's guard. Right after they start the bell sounds.
My Pick for the Round: Mewborn 10-9
My Pick for the Fight: Mewborn 30-27 (though the 2nd was so close I could see it as 29-28)

Actual Result:
Judge 1: 29-28 Mewborn
Judge 2: 29-28 Khalliq
Judge 3: 29-29 Draw
Resulting in a DRAW!!

As I stated above I can see the second round being credited to Khalliq even though I didn't see it that way. However, EVERY person I spoke to at the event could not fathom how any judge could give either the 1st or 3rd round to Khalliq. In almost everyone's opinion the decision should clearly have gone to Mewborn. Regardless of all this, the fight should never have gone to decision as Khalliq was CLEARLY unconscious from the guillotine choke, as evidenced by his collapse to the mat and falling half out of the ring when Mewborn let go.

In conclusion, I'm sorry to see the show slipping a little from a promotional standpoint. I am, however, glad to see the quality of fights seems to be remaining strong. I was on the edge of my seat through most of the bouts, and would gladly pay to watch any of these fighters again. Of course nothing is more disappointing than seeing a fighter miss out on a well deserved win because of questionable officiating and judging.

4/28/2008 1:43pm,
By the way. For bullies in GA and the southeast who are interested in attending shows at WildBill's you can fight their events a http://www.wildbillsatlanta.com. The next fight night is Friday, May 16th.

4/28/2008 1:46pm,
I am appalled that a dude can be choked out and collapse and the fight continue. That ref is going to get someone killed with that ****.

4/28/2008 2:19pm,
Didn't Marcus Davis fight at a couple of these events a little while ago?

4/28/2008 7:13pm,
I believe so.

edit: Sherdog (http://www.sherdog.com/fightfinder/fightfinder.asp?FighterID=8592) confirms it.

4/29/2008 3:15pm,

4/29/2008 8:51pm,
yeah. wild bill's gets some good talent. the card before this one was headlined by J-Lau's younger brother Dan. That fight was an EPIC asskicking.

4/30/2008 7:42am,
I'm a bit confused by the rule where a knock down is followed by a ten count to get up...

So you can't punch a guy, knock him down, and then pounce on him and submit him?

How odd...

4/30/2008 8:50am,
yeah. in GA amateur rules you can't pounce on him if he's knocked down. A slip yes, and knockdown no. Also, if a fighter is being beaten up standing and is just taking it without returning any shots they can give them a standing 8 count.

4/30/2008 12:16pm,
Which is GOTARDED.
It breaks down to being a regular Kick Boxing match while standing, then if you get a takedown it just about turns into a No-Gi Grappling match since only bodyshots are allowed on the ground. They've taken out the connection between the standing and ground game and eliminated the whole idea of ground and pound from the sport. It's just stupid.

5/02/2008 2:12pm,
Yip it is gotarded!!! ( I like that term) It's also leading to some fights that are going on for too long. With the official rules a match may be over in the first round that lasts all three here with one fighter just punishing the other.

Still got to live with it for now.... The commission ain't going to admit they are wrong with this one.

5/07/2008 11:55am,
At least you have MMA in Georgia!!! Here in South Carolina we have nothing :(