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4/26/2008 1:06am,
I was at work today and in talking to a customer we got on the topic of the last UFC card, and the dude asked me "so what's the top three gyms in the US?".

I basically just sat there for a second not really knowing how to answer the question. I explained to him that I have a limited amount of experience and couldn't really say, and I was wondering to myself how I'd determine it if I did have an immediate answer.

So how would you answer that question, and what would you base your answers on?

Highest number of fighters with good records?

Best overall training program?

Personal bias and nutriding?

Do tell.

Omega Supreme
4/26/2008 1:11am,
Extreme Couture
American Top Team

It's all about talent pool. The higher group of guys you got the better.

Omega Supreme
4/26/2008 1:14am,
Other top teams in the U.S.:
Sityadong (or however you spell it)
Cobra Kai

4/26/2008 2:17am,
HAHAHA Cobra Kai :)

Omega Supreme
4/26/2008 2:20am,
HAHAHA Cobra Kai :)

Too much Karate Kid?

4/26/2008 2:25am,

4/26/2008 2:34am,
Too much Karate Kid?

Too much or not enough :)

4/26/2008 8:13pm,
I've heard that ATT buys their talent. Is there any credence to that?

4/26/2008 8:14pm,
I hadn't heard that. They do treat the fighters really well though.

4/26/2008 8:16pm,
HAHAHA Cobra Kai :)

Cobra Kai is a real MMA gym

I'd like to add Team Black House to the list since two current UFC champs reside there. And of course team Serra/Longo :)

krazy kaju
4/26/2008 9:51pm,
American Top Team
Team Quest
Xtreme Couture
Miletich Fighting Camp
American Kickboxing Academy in LA
BJ Penn's place in Hilo

Those are the only ones I can think of.

4/26/2008 10:47pm,
Not to be a nitpicking pest, but since the spelling was queried, it's "Sityodtong". It's the kind of basement gym that has great trainers and great people, even though it's not as flashy as newer MMA gyms.

R.I.P. Eric A. You will be missed.

4/26/2008 10:55pm,
I'd like to add Team Black House to the list since two current UFC champs reside there. And of course team Serra/Longo :)

Black House was in Brazil last time i checked buddy

4/26/2008 11:00pm,
Miletich: Three former UFC champs(Hughes,Pulver and Sylvia) and tons of other good fighters

Team Quest: Henderson, Lindland and Couture all started there and they have lots of talented fighters as well.

AKA: I think their Kos and Fitch are the top 2 and 3 UFC welterweights

Omega Supreme
4/26/2008 11:41pm,
****, forgot about Team Quest.

4/27/2008 12:13am,
Don't forget Legends MMA, or you will get punched in the leever.