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11/20/2003 12:53pm,
what do you guys think about the karate chop?

11/20/2003 12:54pm,
for real, or is this gonna be a joke thread?

11/20/2003 12:55pm,
mad gay------- at least in the way it is portrayed,, palmstrikes are really good but the overhand chop seems to be best for wood or bricks

11/20/2003 12:55pm,
didn't you hear, it's an ancient Chinese secret!!

11/20/2003 12:57pm,
it's "Judo Chop".

11/20/2003 1:24pm,
Jewdo Chop, isn't that what they use to perform circumsisions??

11/20/2003 1:35pm,
I like my chops braised with lemon zest, garlic and a little olive oil.

11/20/2003 1:38pm,
Originally posted by ronin69
Jewdo Chop, isn't that what they use to perform circumsisions??

Oy! The goyim know our secret :D

11/20/2003 1:48pm,
I hate it because first it looks gay, second everyone and their brother uses it to break. Third it not a practical strike and takes little time to condition. Forth it's GAY. It's especially annoying to see Black Belts using knife-hand strike to break f-ing tiles at their tests. Elbow, fist, back-fist, reverse knife-hand, figertip, NO!! I going to be a little bitch and use knife-hand stirke, use something else you lazy bastards damn it...sorry.:D

11/20/2003 1:51pm,
The knife-hand fist fits into some targets better than other fists.

11/20/2003 1:54pm,
The knife hand strike when used correctly can be a very effective weapon, much like the ridge hand, it is great for what it was designed to do and very lousy for anything else.

11/20/2003 1:56pm,
Well..... I heard that open hand strikes are more effective MOST of the time then closed fist strikes especially against hard targets (bony targets).... Shuto hands, palm strikes, ridge hand etc....

11/20/2003 1:59pm,
Ok I'm going to attempt a serious and informed post. ::gasp:: The knife hand, shuto, "Judo chop", ect is a nice technique for targeting some high nerve endings (Top of the hand, side of the wrist, base of the neck) and soft tissue targets like the windpipe or the caratoid arteries.

Though its not appropriate for large muscle groups or the stomach.


Are you joking around? Are you saying an elbow strike or a regular punch is a harder break than a knife hand? I've never seen a backfist break either.

11/20/2003 2:04pm,
I would aim the knife hand to the side and back of the neck, to the throat, liver is good, ribs (floating), but on armtargets, I prefer forearm smashes. A very good knife hand technique to the back of the neck, on the sides just under the occipital bones, circular ( hooking) in towards you works very well.

11/20/2003 2:26pm,

Yes, knife-hand, and underfists(hammerfist) strikes are one of the easiest strikes to use when breaking. It the first strike taught to beginners when breaking. If you think about the area of the hand your using it's the part with the most padding there fore requires less conditioning. I agree knife-hand has it place in striking and blocking but that wasn't what I was trying to convey in my previous post. It is frustrating to go to tournaments and testings and see black belts using such a basic technique to break. It shows how little time they really put into conditioning the hand. I have to say seeing someone break with the backfist or fingertip is one of the most impressive breaks I have ever seen. Just the amount of time and effort that goes into conditioning those areas of the hand are very impressive to me. If you want to see a good break with the back fist go to http:/www.itf-information.com/sho03.htm and click on the Black Belt series opening video.

11/20/2003 5:20pm,
Sorry it should be http://www.itf-information.com/shop03.htm
and click on the Black Belt series opening video.