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4/23/2008 3:53pm,
Hmm... Im new and dont want to see that "you've never posted on bullshido", only because of this i'll introduce myself. :-P

What is to say about me? I'm from Germany (you can see it on my bad english^^) and i'm actually training JJ.

If you want to know anything - just ask ;).

4/23/2008 3:54pm,
We knew you could do it! tziup posted, YAY! And if a bot is this rude, just imagine harsh this is gonna be. Hope you're wearing a thick gi.

krazy kaju
4/23/2008 6:38pm,
Do you train traditional jujitsu, a modern derivative of traditional jujitsu, or Brazilian jiu-jitsu?

4/24/2008 2:34pm,
A newer "style" which is taught on the most of germans dojos ^^