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11/19/2003 9:45pm,
i mean how long does it take to be at a good level in kyokushin, where u can have proficient stand up???

and do u have to be good at kata to move up in rank. I know for a fact rank equals more opportunites like u can spar full bore with the black belts and go in the black belt level knock down tournaments

lets say profiecient stand up vs. a kick boxer or win knock down tournaments black belt level.


sort of general questions and might see a little odd, but this is due to my little knowledge of this art. But it is a really interesting form of karate.

11/19/2003 9:51pm,
To what level you can move in any system is almost entirely dependent upon a single factor: YOU. How much are you willing to train? What kind of learning curve do you have? Do you already have a good physical base to start from, or are you the average, (no offense) out-of-shape typical American? It is not important how fast you reach a level. The important thing is that you take all you can from your training and let your instructor decide when you are ready to progress in rank. You will see yourself improve with more and more work. Just be careful not to overwork.

11/19/2003 10:21pm,
After two years, five months, three weeks, second class of the week you'll be considered "good".

11/19/2003 10:32pm,
Shidokan OWNZORRS Kyucushy. J/K it just happens to be the spin off that I train. Check it out: www.shidokan.com

Darting Fingers
11/19/2003 11:01pm,
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11/19/2003 11:12pm,
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Darting Fingers
11/19/2003 11:46pm,
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11/19/2003 11:47pm,

Darting Fingers
11/20/2003 12:13am,
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11/20/2003 12:36am,
To somewhat answer seriously, the middle weight full contact champ of Utah took about two years to get 'good.' It took me a lot longer. But hey, he is fat now and doesn't work out and I'm still out there punching, kicking, and taking 'em down. Check out the various Bluming threads to get more info on the history of the system; it will give you some perspective.

11/20/2003 12:46am,
I don't think it would take any longer to get good at kyokushin than any other good striking art... however long that is.

11/20/2003 12:51am,
Does it take longer to become skilled at grappling arts, or striking arts?

11/20/2003 12:53am,
Originally posted by Darting Fingers
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11/20/2003 2:18am,
in bjj it was different we did not have to memorize all these japanese terminalogy or customs like when to boa what to call someone sensei, shihan, ect.

i just find it confusing, all that memorization, all this extra studying, all i want to do is train at my own pace and not have to memorize all those japanes terminology.