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Wounded Ronin
4/20/2008 7:57pm,
Well, I used google to try and find the text of the following quote:

If one is to imagine the perfect sword that can cut and swing with no resistance, a sword that is an extension of the mind and heart of the warrior who wields it, and not a dead weight of steel, then it becomes clear that the sword is of little consequence compared to the will of the strategist. Those who would master the Way must come to understand this: a sword is a tool whose purpose is to cut. Every day the strategist must practice this until it is not practice, but a part of their spirit. A strategist knows that every sword they wield is perfect, for their will is perfect, and it is through their will alone that they win battles.

I Googled "will of the strategist" and the following link was the only one Google found:


From the same thread:

Thanks to Dennis's cheap and effective everyman zapper device, my friends mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimers four years ago is now cured. She had been pronounced terminal and was about to be put in a home and left to die. The family had her on a protocol of mineral enhanced water and organic food. Then, I came along with the zapper and within a week she was cured of the weaponized mycoplasma that causes the disease. Her brain has healed and she is now able to express her mind through that organ again. So here's to Dennis for helping to save another spiritual entity that was trapped in a decaying, disfunctional fleshsuit.

I have to thank the entity that is Dennis for creating great devices, being so kind and generous and being available to call when I need help or have a question no matter how elementary or basic it may appear to "experienced" gifters.

I like that Dennis does not shutdown to many posters who are truly off-base but lets other posters do it.

I have read a short sort of bio on Dennis from Don on his site. Dennis has skills and courage as well as a dose of humility. He has a lot that he can teach others if they are truly open.

Before I started making orgonite I studied his videos which I think are a great resource. They should be droppped from airplanes all over the world.

Much love

No further commentary needed.

:f-off: :happy2: :5eek:

krazy kaju
4/20/2008 8:00pm,

Forum raid?

4/20/2008 8:04pm,
Would you honestly even bother?

4/20/2008 8:04pm,
No, no forum raid. Or atleast I'm too lazy to deal with the admin approving of each of my accounts every time I register.

krazy kaju
4/20/2008 8:04pm,
I don't have the time ATM, but if I did, yes, I would bother.

4/20/2008 8:27pm,
I suppose it would be funny for a few laughs.

krazy kaju
4/20/2008 8:37pm,
We could all post animated gifs and make the forum crash.

Like this:

4/20/2008 8:44pm,
Are there enough people posting that forum to make it worth it?

4/20/2008 8:51pm,
im down if you guys go through with it.

4/20/2008 9:04pm,
It's in the thousands, supposedly.

I must once again re-emphasize that the registration is based on the administrator's acceptance. Once they figure out what's going on, it's just going to be like running through a mud field. Plus, I registered when this thread first started, and I STILL can't log in.

It's only been an hour, but I'm pretty impatient.

4/20/2008 9:08pm,
Thats pretty descent that the admin lets you guys organnize raids on here. On most boards that gets you beatin to death with the banhammer

krazy kaju
4/20/2008 9:10pm,
Are there enough people posting that forum to make it worth it?

If the antimma fiasco set a precedent then...

4/21/2008 2:03am,
One may find that my Forum is not so easily crashed.

Destructive behavioral tendencies indicate a lack of character and discipline. (Or did you gentlemen just miss that lesson in your training ?)

The Zapper kills Parasites, Yeast and Fungus in the bloodstream by pulsed micro current, resulting in immediately improved health and energy levels. No mystery here, less critters in your blood, more energy for you.

Yes, I am a real Sensei, US Judo Association(member over 30 years) and US Kendo Association Certifications, and 10 Years as the Martial Arts Instructor at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina.

My website is like my dojo, manners are observed and guests are welcome. Troublemakers are ejected, unceremoniously.

Thank you to the Forum Mods here for allowing me a chance to respond, I think I will look around while I am here.

Sensei Dennis Griffin

4/21/2008 3:12am,
What evidence do you have that your device performs as you say it does? Destroying yeasts and fungi in the bloodstream is incredibly difficult because they are eukaryotic, making their metabolic functions similar to our own. This means that it's hard to find something to target with drugs that won't also damage our own cells in the process. The few drugs that are available have low success rates and serious side effects. How does your device differentiate between parasitic, yeast and fungal cells and our own?

If your device works as you say it does, you'd probably be in for a Nobel prize in medicine. However this isn't going to happen because you're full of ****.

4/21/2008 3:22am,
I have before and after live blood, light field photomicrographs and video showing dramatic before and after parasite and yeast levels.

This is old technology, and NOT my main area of interest.

Google Hulda Clark for zapper info.

Parasites and yeast and fungal cells are negatively charged and present themselves as targets by this difference from benificial micro organisms. Again this is old technology. Please do your homework.

As for being full of ****, you also must have missed the lesson in common courtesy in your training.

4/21/2008 3:30am,
Hulda Clark? You mean that fucking nutjob who thinks that all cancers are caused by a parasite?