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11/19/2003 12:24pm,
I lifted Justme's Bluming link to put in History.


11/19/2003 2:07pm,
Anybody that big and mean is going to be a good fighter. Unfortunately not everybody is 9 ft tall and weighs 400 lbs.

Looking at those pictures I'm reminded of Kramer from Seinfeld bragging how he was the baddest in his dojo. Then we find out his dojo is for little kids.

He says something bad about the US every time he opens his enormous mouth.

When he's not badmouthing the country that first taught him MA or America he is talking about how he doesn't need the money.....money.... money.... America sucks.... money....money

Sounds to me like he's broke and wishes he were an American.

On a television special they had on him they said he was still working as a bouncer in some bar. Oh to live the life of a tough guy......