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4/18/2008 6:37am,
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A bungling burglar was chased and caught by a 6ft 7in international kickboxer.

The 24-year-old intruder was found by Richard Cole's mum who screamed in alarm.

England star Richard, 20, bounded downstairs in his underpants, chased him for 200 metres then held him down for 20 minutes until police arrived.

Richard, of Cradley Heath, West Midlands, said: "He begged to be let free saying he didn't want to go to jail."

And from the Local Paper

A burglar picked the wrong house to raid when he ended up being chased and caught by an international kickboxer.

When four-months pregnant Tracey Lowe heard a noise in the living room at Harcourt Road, Cradley Heath, at 3am she thought it was her son Richard Cole, 20, coming home late. But when she went to see what was going on she found herself in the living room face to face with an intruder.

Her screams alerted Richard, who will represent England at the World Kickboxing Championships in the summer, and her husband Duncan, who is a first dan black belt in the sport, and they gave chase.

Tracey, aged 38, an advertising sales executive, said: “When I opened the living room door I expected to see Richard but there was a stranger just standing there staring at me.

“It was like that for several seconds, it was surreal. Then I just screamed and Richard and Duncan came running down the stairs.

“The burglar fled through the kitchen window where he came in and they raced after him in their pants.”Civil engineer Duncan, 28, returned to fetch his car as Richard pursued the crook over neighbouring properties.

The chase ended when he caught the thief on nearby rail tracks where he pinned him down, despite a violent struggle.

Have-a-go hero Richard, aged 20, restrained the man for around 15 minutes until officers with dogs located them.

Tracey added: “The police were so pleased and thanked Richard for his bravery.”

Richard said he was motivated by the anger that his pregnant mum had been scared and his 12-year-old sister Elle was asleep upstairs at the time.

He said: “I just thought ‘you’re not getting away from me’. I caught him by Old Hill station at the side of the tracks.

The burglar, who struck on Monday smashed Elle’s laptop after dropping it in the chase.