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11/19/2003 5:56am,

Originally posted on MMA.tv :

Originally posted at Iron Life Forums (www.ironlife.com) by James_Fulton:
Enrico Cocco, a 15 year old student of the Freestyle Fighting Academy in Florida, defeated a very tough BJJ brown belt by the name of Cesar Santos in the NAGA tournament this weekend. Sadly, Cesar Santos was injured and hopefully he will return soon at 100%!

ANyway, here's the video as posted by Marcos Avellon on the jiujitsugear forum. BTW, im in no way related to enrico or his team, i just thought this was really cool


11/19/2003 6:20am,
Any given Sunday.

11/19/2003 6:46am,
wow, you mean bjj guys arnt gods?!

11/19/2003 7:29am,
I dunno I haven't watched it yet.

It could be of anything. ANYTHING.

11/19/2003 7:36am,
Just watched it. Wow that was pretty damn cool.

11/19/2003 7:38am,
the guy in the yellow shirt is like "wow I just demonstarted an armbar and choke not working, now I can have a rest and put my feet up"

11/19/2003 7:50am,
It LOOKED like he submited him with an ankle lock, yes?

11/19/2003 8:02am,

If you get punched hard in the face you'll find striking hurts n' works I'm afraid ronin.

11/19/2003 8:08am,
dude, don't bring a misconception you have from one thread to another ok?

11/19/2003 8:11am,
who's to say that a thread can't be continued in another thread which has minimal or no relation to the orginal thread?

You're playing God ronin, and that's a dangerous, dangerous game...

11/19/2003 8:13am,
You win, I give up, I CAN'T make you see that I am FOR striking and against it, so I GIVE UP, I TAP out !!!

11/19/2003 9:47am,
Originally posted by manchuria
wow, you mean bjj guys arnt gods?!

no. its only unexpected when a BJJ brown woudl lose to someone else in a GI JUJUTSU match, not giless. my instructor can manhandle blackbelts when he was a white belt in a giless match. of course those blackbelts feel bad but its not unseen.

11/19/2003 9:54am,
what ankle technique was that? the angle seemed really strange.

11/19/2003 9:54am,
"Tapping out" won't be necessary as you'll be "KOed" a term which you'd know had you realized the power of a good "knuckle sandwich".

True blackbelt now, manchuria is simply a scared little boy in sheeps' clothing...

11/19/2003 9:56am,
or should a say....KANGAROO's clothing?

11/19/2003 10:02am,
how come when i try to open this file it loads as an excel file? WTF, seriously