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4/15/2008 5:42pm,
Hey ya'll, I need some info on an MT fighter named Manson Gibson. I know some info, but want more detail.

Studied Praying Mantis Kung Fu
8x World Muay Thai Champ
Former Heavyweight Shootboxing Champ
Fought at the K-2 tournament, drawing against Ernesto Hoost

Basically I'm looking for more info on his MT fights, and his time spent in Japan's Shootboxing.

I've looked a lot of places on the net, and get scarce info.

4/16/2008 11:46pm,
There is a profile on him here:


I think that's probably a little dated, but it's got some stuff listed there that you don't.

Also here is his K-1 Page:


Belivie it or not, the last thing I heard about him was that he was fighting in the WCL for New York.

Hope that helps!