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4/15/2008 2:29pm,
Ephedra.......EPHEDRA!!!!!!!! Don't say it too loud or the FDA Men-in-Black will pop out of your hard drive demanding a urine sample an will press federal charges against you for purchase and ingestion of an adulterated substance.

Well, when I saw the big black star shine emblazoned bottle that read "Ephedra", I said darn the federal court, me must buy.....so I did.......and now I want my money back.

Manufactured by Anthracyte, Inc, out of Salt Lake City, Utah, this drink clearly states in the ingredients section that it contains Ephedra. In August of 2006 a federal appeals court agreed with the FDA's opinion on Ephedra, which was that no amount of Ephedra, regardless of how small, within a dietary supplement was safe for human consumption. Anthracyte must be abridged pig-Latin for Anarchy because this company doesn't care what Uncle Sam has to say on the issue.

OR.......OR.....the company decided to pull "other", non banned, compounds from Ephedrine producing herbs and market the hell out of the fact that it is Ephidrine, but on a molecular level, the compounds are not ones which were banned by the FDA.

Anyway, I bought it at a gas station on my way to train a few weeks back. 16oz bottle for $2.99.


Purified water, natural and artificial flavors, sucralose, caffeine anhydrous, betaine, ephedra, potassium sorbate, potassium benzoate, octopamine, quercetin, green tea extract, fructose, niacin, yohimbine HCI.

Taste -.....like crap. OK, not exactly like "crap" per say but boarderline undrinkable. Think of a slightly used ash tray with water in it; not think of pulling out your crazy straw and taking a huge pull from the ash tray. I could not taste any hint of fruit, any fruit, certainly not anything that tasted like mango.

After Taste - See "Taste" above.

Energy - It actually gave a decent little boost. Nothing like what the adverts say - BE ADVISED, Ephedra Tea is VERY POTENT. It is more intense than “old school” Ephedra products and blows away the recent crop of new school, “Ephedra free” wannabe’s! Ephedra Tea is the REAL DEAL! - Bullshit, it works but is nothing like the higher caffeinated drinks and shots currently out on the market.

Crash - I drank it around 11am and was a little lethargic by 6pm that evening.

4/15/2008 3:23pm,
I read this and was like 'Ephedra Tea,' whoa!
But that is rather disappointing.

To further enhance the neuro-activity of Ephedra Tea, we have added Yohimbine, Betaine, Quercetin, and epigallocatechingallate(EGCG) from Green Tea extract.

The energetic results are obvious within minutes of consuming the tea. Before your workout or activity, we suggest consuming 1 serving (8 fl.oz.) or one-half bottle of e-Tea to first assess your tolerance level. If you are comfortable with the initial serving, sip the rest throughout your activity for intense and sustained energy.

With Ephedra Tea, results are guaranteed!

How much ephedrine was there per serving?
Did you get results?

4/15/2008 3:43pm,
Results? yeah, but I would much rather go out and buy any number of other energy drinks that use the tried and true caffeine with some guarana thrown in for good measure.

Off the top of my head:

Arizona RX
All City NRG
Rockstar - Punched
Monster - Kaos

All cost less, taste a hell of a lot better, and give you the same if not a bit more burst than this stuff.

If you want "burst" go with:

Spike Shooter
Redline PowerShot
Stacker2 - BlackJax

It does not list the amount of "ephedra" on the can or on anything I could dig up. My feeling is that they use their alleged "special filtering process" to pull the "legal compounds" out of Mau Hung and other similar ephedrine producing hosts and simply label it "Ephedra".

If there was any real ephedra in the drink it would be illegal.