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The Wastrel
11/18/2003 6:31pm,
That is all.

11/18/2003 6:35pm,
*scratches head*

11/18/2003 6:38pm,
*tries to think of something witty to say, and asks:*

Grappling is a subset of groundfighting but not vice versa?

The Wastrel
11/18/2003 6:39pm,
"Does not equal"

This was in reponse to a recent post.

11/18/2003 6:42pm,
oh, i thought you were trying to drop some unique/profound/insightful bomb on us...

grappling=generic term
groundfighting=specific area within grappling

makes sense to me

how about this, a good grappler may not know much about the specifics of groundfighting whereas a good groundfighter is by default a good grappler?

Kama Warrior
11/18/2003 6:52pm,
Grappling is a generic way of fighting. Whereas groundwork, is an aspect of grappling. So to be good with groundwork, you must be a good grappler, but a wrestler may or may not be better than a Judo practitioner, compared to a BJJ practitioner.

Wait, I just confused myself.

11/18/2003 6:55pm,
Well, don't hurt yourself on it man.

11/18/2003 6:57pm,
Dammit Wastrel..I expected enlightenment along the lines of socrates, plato..the janitor...and all you say is that is all.
ohh i get it ..maybe that is all..is not all. oooooooo

11/18/2003 6:59pm,
Lets put it this way. :D

The Wastrel
11/18/2003 7:00pm,
*Mesmerizing Hand Motions*

The Wastrel
11/18/2003 7:00pm,
Oh you're in BJJ now? Awesome!

Kama Warrior
11/18/2003 7:21pm,
Wrestling can also be a good groundwork art. I know it has helped me quite a bit.

The Wastrel
11/18/2003 7:30pm,
As I mentioned, this was in response to a post that directly said the opposite. Better a single thread than replaying the argument in every single thread.

Deadpan Scientist
11/18/2003 7:40pm,
I think including the word "Discuss" after a question is overrated.

11/18/2003 7:49pm,
i'm gotta write an essay on plato for school...i'm gonna refrence "the wastrel" as a modern day philosipher, with threads like this it's the truth and yes i think wastrel is right about this thread

The Wastrel
11/18/2003 7:51pm,
Here you go Os:

Fmm... fascinating perspective and I am speaking from a "striker"s frame of mind. "Inefficient"... But how much of this is from playing your opponent's game and they just happen to be better at it? A greater quantity of people can throw a punch (be it a good one or a bad one) but a LESSER number of people can fight on the ground effectively.

By that logic a grappler would indeed have a higher chance for victory.