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Big Dozer
4/12/2008 5:25am,
I signed up for the Navy I had to go to Boise every other weekend for physicals and testing. On the first day up there, I found out some of the fellow recruits not only could not swim, but were some what water phobic...Who signs up for the NAVY and cant swim? When I asked one of them why they would sign up Navy if they cant swim, one respounded with telling me they planned on being in a sub...Theres logic for ya. Just thought I would share that, I am amazed when ever I think about it. I was a Jr. Lif guard, did water polo, surf and know how to work on a sail boat. I am very at ease in water. but cant swim!?!

Rock Ape
4/12/2008 6:31am,
I'll sleep safer in afghanistan knowing you were in the navy.

Big Dozer
4/12/2008 6:35am,
I dont care how you meant it, I am taking that as a compliment. Oh and BTW now that we are in a serious thread together, thanks for serving. I honestly appreciate it.

Rock Ape
4/12/2008 6:44am,
Sure no problem

4/12/2008 10:01pm,
I signed up for the Navy
Did you get an A school? What time of year are you going to be in basic?

Big Dozer
4/12/2008 10:23pm,
Im not :( 3 days after taking the adsvab I was ran over by a potato truck. Woke up a few days later. Right shoulder and left knee were crushed. Its taken near 3 years to get rehabilitated. I couldnt walk for the first. I have had surgeries on bother knees, my neck and shoulder. I still have one more surgery to go. But, I am near healed up and slowly getting back into shape(I lost 60lbs to make sure I would get in) I am getting into another career I love. Sadly I dont get the cool uniform though :(

Rock Ape
4/13/2008 12:49am,
Sorry to sound insensitive but; being run over by the potato truck ... That's comedy classic ! You just couldn't make that **** up.

I do however genuinely wish you well in your recovery.

Big Dozer
4/13/2008 1:02am,
I know...But what can I say? The dangers of living in Idaho lol

Rock Ape
4/13/2008 5:50am,
You might be interested in reading The "BOOT CAMP/BASIC TRAINING Stories" (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=62588&highlight=pelt) Thread...and specifically this post (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showpost.php?p=1628057&postcount=6) of mine.



4/13/2008 5:59am,
I was going to ask why you hadn't got yourself a miltary tag. Good luck in your new career, what is the new career BTW?

Rock Ape
4/13/2008 6:02am,
The Mil tag requires a period of active service plus some other additional conditions I can't recall off the top of my bonce.

Big Dozer
4/13/2008 12:57pm,
I was going to ask why you hadn't got yourself a miltary tag. Good luck in your new career, what is the new career BTW?

Yah, I didnt get the kick ass uniform much less a shnazzy tag like those. I am training to become a prowrestler.