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11/18/2003 2:12pm,
Mental attitude.

Some call it the “killer instinct”, some call it the “offensive mind set”, other just call it a superior state of mind/alertness.
Whatever you wanna call it we have all seen it.

Soldiers with combat experience, “old school” Martial Arts masters, some MMA, and, if you have been blessed with luck, you own instructor.

You see, there is that special something that some MA have, that sets them apart, ever try to beat your instructor? You are younger, faster, stronger, you are already proficient with enough holds that you can MAY be able to beat him, yes he knows you better than you know yourself, but still, you move faster, you can throw people his weight like nothing, yet with him... he just laughs and destroys you, not with a “secret technique” or a “hidden” move, always with a simple basic technique, HOW ?

He is better then you and he KNOWS he is better than you.
You really don’t exist for him, he has learned over those many DECADES that, the ONLY constant in combat is HIM, the opponent may change, the style may change, the “rules” may change, but HE will always be the same. And he works it as an advantage.
He has perfected the “correct mindset”.
He knows he can beat you because, no other outcome is a viable option.
He looks at it a life, not sport, in sport you can tap out and even if you are choked out, its ok, you will be brought back and everything is fine, but in “real” life, there is NO tap out, and if you are out you are dead.
If you look at the “sports oriented” arts, you will see this attitude more in the MMA and the NHB crowd, simply because the training comes “close” to real combat, in the sense that you are physically competing in a full contact or close to full contact environment.
You see it in the TMA that advocate combat, arts like Jujutsu, like Kali, you see it even in arts that are obsolete in terms of what they teach, such as Kenjutsu, yet it is there, because they deal with the notion , the idea, that a mistake can kill, so the only viable option is survival.
You DON’T see it in “hobby” arts.

When you start any style they say: “ 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration” or “99% physical and 1% mental”, but as you grow in the system, as you get “better”, as you realise that, the biggest difference between you and your instructor is he “attitude”, his “mindset”, you become aware that: The Martial Arts are : 50% mental and 50% physical.

That’s my 2 cents :)

11/18/2003 2:21pm,
Off topic kind of... thats what I thought was so interesting in watching the Kimura fight clip. He gave kudoos to Helio, but if the situation had been life or death Helio would not be here today.
Ronin69 you really should pm OMar and talk to him about his teacher. He has some amazing stories.. There is a lot of things that exist that we really don't understand. That is what is frustrating to me. It is so hard to find the answers when sometimes you don't know the questions... but I am just rambling.... thinking out loud in cyber space and all....

11/18/2003 2:25pm,
I have had the privilage of meeting some serious "old school" guys, Blumming for example, Kubota to name another, and I have a great deal of respect for the ones who were there and did it before I even knew what a punch was.
The best we can do is ask the questions, we won't know the answers unless we ask.

11/18/2003 2:31pm,
Alright.... we have gone round and round on this board about Chi for example. But yet just when you think you started to nail it down either way (mostly the its probably not true way) you hear or read something that makes you wonder. For example, Omar's teacher while teaching him Baji studies Yang style Tai Chi. Omar says while his teacher is over 60, he throws Omar around like it was no effort at all. He is amazingly compitent. So what does he know that we don't. He does Tai Chi, and can do it as an MA!!!! Read on that Chinafrominside website some of the interviews with some of the Chinese "Masters". Some of these people came out of the military or police (whatever) and used there "skills" for real. And are alive to speak about it. Go back into the past with guys like Yang Lu Chan or his sons. How did they win. I was reading on the Chenvillage website about Chen Xiaowang. Supposedly he was visited by Japanese MA practicioners and defeated them handily. I wasn't there I don't know for sure, but there is so much out there. Ramble ramble ramble.....

11/18/2003 2:39pm,
The MA of Taiji is very effective, I have seen it when I was in Macao and when we visited Taiwan.
But EVERYHTING that we do is based on the laws of physics and how the relate to human biomechanics. "CHI" whatever it may be, does NOT change THAT fact.
Omar's instructor does what he does, because he KNOWS how to do it.
I routinely dominate one of my training partners and he is 6-5 and close to 300lbs, and I don't do it with chi. I just apply my strength the right way at the right time, no big secret, what I NEVER do is let his size bother me.

11/18/2003 2:40pm,

The Wastrel
11/18/2003 2:52pm,
I think that calling it Tai Chi confuses it with the issue of Chi. The words are different.

Tai Chi is actually Taiji, and chi is qi. That's going by the pinyin system. These are different and distinct words.

11/18/2003 2:56pm,
Yep, that is why I always spell it "taiji".

11/18/2003 2:58pm,
OH... I see whre this ig going. Your gidng to attkc my splng again.... real nce....

The Wastrel
11/18/2003 3:01pm,
Nono...just making a point of fact for the sake of clarity.

11/18/2003 3:02pm,
clarity? Have you forgotten what board your on? Crazy college kids.

The Wastrel
11/18/2003 3:05pm,
Oh right!