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4/09/2008 12:59pm,
yep. doing one.

my instructor wants me to roll in a small "tournament" (for lack of a better word, it's just a day of sparring with a bunch of students from other schools, with brackets and all, but no awards or real competition. it'll just be us in the gym, reffed by probably him and other instructors), and has urged me to lose some weight for it.

he maintains that my proper weight should be 185lbs, given i am 6'0". i loudly said '**** that'. i'm currently comfortably down to 215, from being 245 this past october at the end of my training hiatus, where my normal walking weight when i was doing a decent amount of training last year was 220lbs. but yeah, i am tired of working out and still having flab on me, i started giving that whole concept of watching what you eat a try. hence part of the 30 pound drop.

so... yeah, he'd like me to be somewhere near 200 by the end of the month. i was doing some sort of atkins variation, which i know to be unhealthy even if it does manage to work. so i asked him for one. he recommended the 'cabbage soup' diet. said it works, dunno to what degree though.

according to the site, it'll knock you off 5-7kg in a week. not a bad kickstart to then follow up with another diet (this one is supposed to be done for a week only)... if it's actually true. **** it, thought i'd give it a shot.

it goes as follows:

you eat soup. as much as you want. soup has:

- 1 small cabbage
- 2 large onions
- 1 can peeled tomatoes
- 2 green peppers
- 4 celery sticks
- chicken broth mix thingy
- black epper
- fresh herbs
- 6 chopped carrots
- half cup balsamic vinegar

there are instructions to making it. i'll translate them (they're in spanish) if anyone is interested.

so, you have a schedule for each of the 7 days. each day, you're allowed as much soup as you want, with one cup of it being the minimum, plus what the schedule says.

day 1: any fruit
day 2: any veggie, cooked or raw. literally states this can even be potatoes and butter.
day 3: fruits and veggies, except potatoes or plantain
day 4: bananas and non-cream (skim?) milk. up to 8 bananas and 8 glasses of milk.
day 5: red meat, skinless chicken or fish. can also eat up to 6 tomatoes.
day 6: day 5 + veggies
day 7: brown rice, veggies, sugarless fruit juice

so yeah. today is day 1.

woke up. didn't eat anything as usual, as i have to be out the door by 6:30am to get to uni on time, and i'm a lazy **** that won't get up earlier to eat. plus, i'm so used to no breakfast, i don't get hungry for a couple of hours after i rise.

11:30am: came home. living with parents rocks, as i forced my entire family into this diet (they all need it more than i do anyways). mom made the soup, so i pounced on it. had me a bowl. tastes pretty ok actually. hrm, this was surprisingly filling. i am satisfied.

12:30pm: holy shitface am i hungry. 2 bowls of soup. crap, i am pretty damn full.

1:50pm: i commence writing this thread. hungry again. ****. i'm gonna go pounce on that apple i can eat today in a bit.

so, i'll keep you all posted, not that you care, on my progress, pain, suffering, and hunger.

anyone heard of this diet before? thoughts?

i read somewhere that it does indeed work, in some cases killing 9-10kg, but that it's mostly all waterweight. i'm an ignorant ****, but i must ask... is it possible to lose waterweight on a diet that is mostly water (SOUP damnit), and urges you to drink as much water as possible?

i'm off to class... not without getting that apple first. i assume any fruit means more than just 1 of said fruit, so i may also eat one when i get back from class. BJJ tomorrow, let's see if i pass out...

4/11/2008 1:10pm,
damn...that sounds harsh and you are getting next to no protein. i would just drink protein shakes - either mix with fat free milk or just water. have one every 2-3 hours. And make sure you get either a low or zero carb protein powder. Don't skip breakfast. You're making your body go into starvation mode. You're just slowing down your metabolism by skipping brekky. Not good.

4/12/2008 10:54am,
Cabbage soup diet? Dude. NO. Get off that diet. Like I'm sure many other people on this forum will agree, if you're not a professional athlete, and if you don't already have experience cutting weight, you should NOT be trying to cut 30 pounds on a diet that is going to leave you malnourished, hungry, and most likely physically debilitated.

Also your teacher sounds like a load of **** if he/she is recommending THE CABBAGE SOUP DIET??? I've known people who tried it and they were the most miserably hungry and physically tired people ever during it.

It is an extremely bad and unhealthy diet.

4/12/2008 12:51pm,
Look I'm sure we have people on here can give you better tips than that diet.

Or you could see a dietitian.

4/12/2008 2:12pm,
geez guys. so far, i'm on day 4, and it hasn't been bad at all.

first day was the worst. i get hungry now and then, but nothing like i was expecting. weighed myself this morning, down to 210lbs.

my instructor was very surprised when i told him i actually took the diet up, and let me know that i shouldn't do it for any more than a week, and if i felt bad at any point, to quit it.

i actually feel pretty good.

edit: also went to train. didn't feel bad at all. made sure to drink a lot of water. any by 'pretty good', it's a mind over matter thing. I REALLY WANT IT DO BE OVER, but just because i want some tasty food, not because it's actually been too bad. this coming from someone who used to hate the concept of dieting altogether, btw.

Snake Plissken
4/12/2008 4:19pm,
Your toilet is currently weeping.

4/12/2008 7:32pm,
i actually shat out an impossible firehose of a turd this morning.

dunno where it came from, since all i ate yesterday was soup and oranges.

4/13/2008 10:14am,
"Miracle soup diet" and you bought it? Of course the site said you would lose a ton of weight its called marketing. Get off the diet, go see a doctor and get advice about your diet from a professional.

4/13/2008 12:45pm,
meh, it's not a commercial thing. diet is ripped from a site with a bunch of diets.

207lbs today.

and i can eat chicken today too! wewt.

edit: also guys, this thread is not meant as a suggestion of whether or not to take said diet, just to get your thoughts on it. i'm not exactly sure i considered this to be the best of ideas, but i said, **** it, why not give it a shot? it's a week, won't kill me.

the weightloss is apparent. about 7lbs so far. i only wonder if it's actually fatloss, waterweight, or if i'm losing muscle. ah well. my training session was just as any other, didn't feel week or tired. (and i almost subbed a guy with a lot more experience, w00t).

2 days to go. then i'm cheating for a couple days and starting this one, which was recommended in another thread:


seems quite nice, and i understand it's a less hardcore version of CKD. i get an hour anf a half to consume flour after training, so that rocks. i'll also be doubling up on my training, since im free from uni for a couple weeks.

so what remains to be seen is how much weight will i easily gain back during my cheat days before i begin the next diet. but yeah... i think i'm actually gonna try and have 185lbs as my new target weight.

yeah, i'll see about going to a professional instead of just looking **** up online as well.

4/13/2008 1:38pm,
Have a look at the paleo diet thread. I don't promise dramatic 7kg losses even in the first week (I think I lost about 2-3 kg a week for the first 3 weeks), since then losses have been calmer (1-1.5kg in a good week, stable weight if I drink too much beer).

There was an initial energy drop was only in muscular endurance for stuff like pushups or burpees. Longer-term cardio and maximal strength didn't suffer at all (I think it's a glycogen thing). After about 2 weeks of my body getting used to it, my max reps for stuff like pushups shot back up past previous maximums.

4/13/2008 1:45pm,
i'm a real bitch at pushups.

my chest is pathetic :(

4/13/2008 1:54pm,
Cullion, would you recommend a kind of paeleo diet to a lean guy looking to drop 2-3kgs of water, fat/whatever to get into his weight division (currently 66kg want to be under 64)

4/14/2008 10:05am,
This diet is a crash diet, is unsustainable, is unhealthy and will potentially negatively affect your performance in training.

You should eat protein with every meal if you want to have a good athletic nutrition program, and most of it should come from meat and other animal products.

I've lost 30 pounds but it took me about 4 months.