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4/06/2008 11:20am,
At my high school one fat guy claims to be a black belt in karate and a master in several styles of kung fu.

He can always be seen walking around throwing punches and kicks, and he even started his own little

"self defence club"

My friends and I sent an agent to "learn kung fu" from this great master, and we secretly recorded it.

check out the awesomeness of the asiaphile. True bullshido.


4/06/2008 11:51am,
choose the edit button on your message. The first section at the very top of the page that opens allows you to delete your own message. voila.

4/06/2008 12:38pm,
thanks, but I can get to the edit menu, and can't find the delete button anywhere.

can you tell me what it looks like?

anyway I don't want to spend all the time talking about the triple post.

It's kind of sad that people will see guys like him and go "wow, he is a kung fu master"

The Badger
4/06/2008 1:06pm,

krazy kaju
4/06/2008 1:15pm,
HAHAHAHA, awesome music matched up to the vids dude.

4/06/2008 1:36pm,
Can we start the bashing now?

4/06/2008 1:47pm,
Can we start the bashing now?

by all means.

I love how he hopped after throwing the roundhouse to keep his balance.

The Badger
4/06/2008 1:51pm,
It was an awesome round house I have to admit. Very powerful. And he's wearing black clothing which is ninja quality badass makes him nearly invisible until you feel his instep in your neck and then BAMMMMMM!!!!! it's all over.

4/06/2008 2:16pm,
My god what is it with people!

Ok you say the guy walked around punching and kicking. Hmm sounds like someone who just started taking martial arts and is 10. That's me some years ago when I was ten, am 26 now. I remember the need to punch and kick the air to practice my karate. Yea I did shotokan karate for a few months when I was a kid. No one walks around kicking and punching unless their either in a gym or retarded!

Oh and judging by everything I see in this video this guy has no more then limited experince obviously! No more then a year maybe in (Enter crappy art here). If you see this guy try and teach people knock him one on the head for me!

Nathan McScary
4/06/2008 2:17pm,
Best newbie post EVER.

4/06/2008 7:14pm,
I love pepto bismol. I want has his babeh.
+rep, excellent work.

4/06/2008 10:30pm,
the best part is that he has a bunch of "students" (high school rejects)

and they all are planning to compete in a real karate/self defence/kung fu tournament.

I am sure that would make some good video footage.

The Badger
4/06/2008 10:32pm,
send him a wrestler as a fake student and video that one

4/07/2008 8:25am,
Did he throw the "comet" punch....

4/07/2008 11:06am,
Looks like he needs to master a stair-master or treadmill, before he becomes the final fu!

4/07/2008 2:53pm,
Kung Fu seems to be the MA of choice for know-nothing fatties.

It cracks me up though because the conditioning they do in the Kung Fu classes I've watched at my school is horribly hard. Those fatties should just take classes at a
good school.