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11/17/2003 10:55am,
Please click the "Drunken Boxing" style video clip. What a bunch of garbage!!! I'm sorry but this is just plain STUPID. Also, don't even get me started on "monkey style!"


11/17/2003 11:04am,
Uh, that's Wushu not Kung fu. I think the latest buzzword on the forum for this is "Straw Man" argument. Nice try though.

Beatdown Richie
11/17/2003 11:25am,
It's not kung fu? The page says "Shaolin Wushu - Kung-Fu Videos" in big bold letters - don't blame the messenger.

Anyway, if the drunken boxing guy gets into a fight, at least he'll know how to look good lying on his back...

The Wastrel
11/17/2003 12:29pm,
Yeah, that's getting to be tiresome. If this isn't "Kung Fu", then Kung Fu people need to go and regulate and quit flaming people for believing it is. If you're not out there actively taking the bullshit down, then you are part of the problem.

11/17/2003 1:12pm,
Hey damnit! you better not be implying that I'm a silk pj wearing Kung Fu man!!!!!11 :p

The Wastrel
11/17/2003 1:14pm,
NO NEVAR!!11!!

11/17/2003 2:48pm,
Wushu is Kung Fu. It's just Kung Fu without the combat practicality!! Basically, it's good for fitness and staying limber. Wushu has NO other qualities. So, as far as I know, Wushu IS KUNG_FU. After all, we all know that MOST kung-fu practitioners can't fight!!

11/17/2003 2:54pm,
Wushu= Martial Arts ( the Wu = Martial)
What the chinese have made wushu into is a disgrace, but, what 99% of the "kung fu" practitioner have made kung fu into is even worst.
What was once a proud and effective MA, has been turned into a joke by the very people who are suppose to uphold its "martial tradition". It is a pathetic shame.

11/17/2003 2:57pm,
Omar a while back had some interesting comments on this. After all he was in China, and got to see some things first hand. Plus one of the points he brought up to me, was many of the Chinese don't even know this debate exists. So many of the really good practicioners (spelling) are not even aware of the debate nor do they care. But the point still is he has seen some things that beg the question. WE need Omar.

11/17/2003 2:58pm,
Actually Ronin, you could say that about TMA on the whole! The state of MA is a pathetic shame! Walk into any Kung Fu school and you'll notice that most people train like sissies!!

Also, many schools DO NOT spar!! I have seen this with my own eyes....

11/17/2003 2:59pm,

11/17/2003 2:59pm,
wait a sec, I guess you already stated that didn't you. I've got a headache!!

11/17/2003 3:50pm,
Whiteshark, I trained at the Calgary school veeeery briefly and they definitely do not consider themselves to be performance Wushu people--lots of contact sparring, etc. For the record, though, they seemed to be pretty good fighters with a legit link to the Shaolin Temple (for whatever that's worth).

The forms may be a completely different story, but unlike the Wushu competitors you more likely come across, these guys do more than just forms.

11/17/2003 3:55pm,
THe ONE thing that makes a Martial Art , a traditional art is SUPPOSE to be COMBAT effectivness.
TMA were ONLY about combat.
WHAT the **** happend????
Was it the chinese and the Japanese teaching BS to the westerners on purpose?
Was it the commercialization?
Was it David Carradine in Kung Fu ?????????

11/17/2003 4:04pm,
wushu is the brainchild of the chinese communist party. if you want total control of the people would you let them get good at hand to hand combat? but to save face and pretend they still care about the tradition of kung fu they basstadized it into this dance wushu thing and make it look really cool to impress the west..

11/17/2003 4:08pm,
also, if you look at the tight ass legal systems in many asian countries regarding self defense, you will also know why kung fu has been watered down into a dance thingy, friends from china, japan, taiwan tell me there's not much right given to an individual for self defense in their home land. in some case they don't even have the "home is the castle" theory, I heard story of men breaking into home armed with swords, home owner fought back with sticks, killed an intruder and suffered serious injury, once recovered spent the rest of his life in jail
ain't freedom and liberty great!