View Full Version : Harpo Marx -jutsu,Euh I mean Happo-jutsu

Rene "Zendokan" Gysenbergs
3/28/2008 4:14pm,
As a practisener of Hapkido and Ju-Jutsu I was mildly surprised when i found this site on the net:


That was until I red the site, a lot of BS ( try the history of HKD and remember the teacher is a 2e dan ).
So I went to train with them, I showed up and when he asked me if I got any experience in MAs I lied an said that I had a yellow belt in Judo and a green-blue in TKD so he wouldn't get suspisious when he saw that I could fall, roll, kick, throw a punch, etc...

The training started, we were with 7 people, he the master, 2 red belts, 1 green/blue, 1 yellow/green, 1 white belt and me. ( The profiles are on his website and I think that the person with the white belt his name is "Dummy" accord to http://users.telenet.be/idokoyama/indexEng.html :eusa_thin

The warming up was good but then came the dreaded "grab my wrist"-routine.
First I had to train with "Dummy" what I found unbelievable stupid to let two beginners train together to learn a technique when their are two red belts doing nothing. So I complained and I got a red belt as sparring partner. he wasn't much better than the white belt.
Every technique that he performed was just hilarious executed, with a level of what was done in the fifties by white guys. A wristlock with which I still could bend my arm to get closer in and when I showed him how it should be performed so that you couldn't bend your arm anymore, well then I was just an absolute beginner that didn't understand the fine mechanics of fighting according to "red".
After that their was some grappling, man that wasn't even better with me doing an X-guard while only lying on my shoulders and neck and the rest of my body sticking up in the air and trying to controle an opponent that was still standing straight up.
Like everyone here knows that is the best technique to learn first to a newbie, especially when it is so crappy taught.
After training for about 45 minutes I just had enough of it, I wanted to stop, but "red" wanted to do some randori with me, so I didn't hold me in and "red" learned the correct techniques the hard way with him flying to every corner of the dojo.
The master stopped the randori and asked again what my experience was and this time I told him the truth, 1e dan hapkido, 2e dan ju-jutsu.
He went pale, then red and said that I had to leave because I lied and this was not good according to the bushido. What a load of crap, did he think that I would say my real experience when I was trying to judge his style?

Oh yeah, the lessons are givin in fluend Japorean. ( one asian language is enough to name the techniques,but he was using Japanese for the kicks, Korean for the punches, etc...)

HKD and JJ are good MAs if you train them in an alive style against an resisting opponent, but that idiot is giving both styles a bad wrap with is crappy invented happo-jutsu, that really pisses me off.

Why do idiots always annoy me