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Lord Skeletor
3/25/2008 8:14pm,
A section within the law enforcement threads here dealing with the "BULLSHIDO" issues of bad/underqualified/ripoff trainers of military tactics, police officer survival, or general weapons/weapons handling? I know that there are some really bad ones out there---and if we're to consider firearms themselves as part of "martial arts" training (I know I do); perhaps we should be evaluating training venues/instructors/classes that are out there teaching our military men/women as well as law enforcement agencies/officers, as well as civilians---For those of us who are out there training all the time, I think that this would be a decent idea.

Kentucky Fried Chokin
3/25/2008 8:19pm,
I believe YMAS deals with those issues.

Lord Skeletor
3/25/2008 8:22pm,
I believe YMAS deals with those issues.

Yeah...I know about that as far as like "karate" goes...or similar physical martial arts go; but are there issues that deal with gun stuff, or would such things naturally fall within this particular forum?

Kentucky Fried Chokin
3/25/2008 8:23pm,
The knife stuff definatley goes in YMAS, but I think I've seen gun stuff go both ways.

3/28/2008 8:44pm,
We've had some threads in here about the quality of Military/LE tactics/weapons instructors. I would feel this is the place to discuss that kind of Bullshido, as the Military/LE types come in here.

3/28/2008 8:47pm,
Here would be fine. The idea is for this to be a sort of subcommunity for LEOs, military, and weapons types.

3/28/2008 10:29pm,
bad/underqualified/ripoff trainers of military tactics.... or general weapons/weapons handling?

I know of such an organisation. Its called the US Army

(easy u nutriders, im a pullin yer leg.. kinda)

3/30/2008 5:00pm,
Hey now, keep it above the belt.