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Deadpan Scientist
11/15/2003 2:23pm,
Who is going to win the bjj newbie challenge (taking place tomorrow)?

11/15/2003 3:51pm,
Whoever the better man is.......wait. Er, person.


Deadpan Scientist
11/15/2003 6:29pm,
Interesting results so far...

11/15/2003 11:33pm,
Where do I vote for Helio Gracie?

11/16/2003 12:01am,

The Wastrel
11/16/2003 12:21am,
HOLY!! Cmorra wins! I declare victory. Look at her grace under pressure! That Mona Lisa smile!

11/16/2003 12:22am,
And it looks like brand likes to take it the head!

Deadpan Scientist
11/16/2003 1:16am,
Sadly, it's going to be the other way around during the newbie challenge. I'm going to wear my blue gi to summon forth the power of OMEGA for the newbie challenge!!

The Wastrel
11/16/2003 1:20am,
Blue gi? Look at those boots!

Deadpan Scientist
11/16/2003 1:25am,
We shall see how the power of OMEGA!! stacks up against those boots...

Deadpan Scientist
11/16/2003 5:43pm,
The Newbie challenge has been postponed until tuesday due to technical difficulties... (AKA Cmorra is ducking the fight!!)

11/16/2003 6:54pm,
I'm doing no such thing! The technical difficulties are legit, and besides, you're the one who claims he has "a lot of work." I do, too, but I know my priorities...

11/16/2003 8:58pm,
Cmorra, whether you roll with Brandeissansoo or not, I'm going to roll with you over thanks giving break. You're excused for delaying your fight only if you videotape it and upload it here.

Deadpan Scientist
11/17/2003 1:05am,
Hey now, too much work was not in response to the newbie challenge, but in response to practicing instead:

Session Start (AIM - tlmcraig:CMorra): Sun Nov 16 16:06:20 2003

CMorra: Now what?
Tlmcraig: ok
Tlmcraig: you ready then?
Tlmcraig: say when you're ready
C Morra: Um... But
C Morra: We have a camera, and no photographer.
Tlmcraig: maybe we should put it off until we have everything
C Morra: Okay, want to practice anyway, though?
Tlmcraig: actually, I have a lot of work...
C Morra: Damn.
CMorra: Okay...
C Morra: I do too...

Quote out of Contex0wned!!11!

11/17/2003 12:40pm,
You may have won that one, but will you win the Newbie Challenge?

Deadpan Scientist
11/17/2003 12:44pm,