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3/23/2008 3:43am,
Ok, its almost 2 in the morning and Im finally getting my first post off. Dont know if this is the best place to put it but im a newb so i figured this forum was as good as any.

Anyway, Ive studied TMA and Im done with it. I have a blackbelt in kajukenbo and Im a sankyu in danzan ryu and Ive begun to realize that years and years of essentially non-resistance training without competition has taught me very little about fighting. One day after being disgruntled after my instructor told me the clinch is a useless technique to train for and will only be attempted by poor fighters (despite the fact that Ive seen boxers do it, MT guys do it, BJJ do it...did I miss anyone? Heck even TKD guys probably do it) I stumbled onto this site and it summarized exactly how I felt about TMA and it seems alot of other people feel the same way. I feel vindicated, and I quit training the next week.

So anyway, now im looking for a real school in Phoenix, Az with real training in both standup (Preferrably MT) and BJJ. Ive searched the site and Megatons and Az combat sports comes up repeatedly.

I went to megatons - school looks great, but no standup.
I went to Az combat sports, but i cant tell if its a good environment. The instructors are definitely legit, but Ive heard that they dont help much and they mostly just use new guys for fodder for there pros, which sucks. Plus theyre 160/month w one year contract.

Anybody been to Az combat sports who can tell me if its worth it?

Ive also visited RITC academy, which used to be brausa. School looks good and price is waaay better (600/yr) but Ive heard a lot of garbage about R. Sarria, the head instructor. Something about a fake black belt.

Anyway, if there has been anyone who has actually been to these schools that could help out, i would really appreciate it. I dont have 10 more years to waste not learning anything.


3/23/2008 3:44am,
We knew you could do it! ippon013 posted, YAY! And if a bot is this rude, just imagine harsh this is gonna be. Hope you're wearing a thick gi.

3/24/2008 8:37pm,
So can someone help me out? I see people viewing the post and I heard a lot of mention about both of these schools in other threads - has anyone actually been to them? Im really pumped about getting started but I dont want to just jump in and waste more time and money. It would be great if I could get some feedback.