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3/22/2008 10:20pm,
Hey Guys Ive been intrested in picking up a hand gun for my home.

I live in NJ, and have to go through a rigorus investigation. Long story short the police department denied me. Now I have no prior fellons, and everytime I go down to the PD Station, the police officer avoids me, I leave messages, and write letters, trying to hear from this man, but he obviously ignores and or avoids me at seemingly all costs. Now Id like to contact his superior but turns out hes the chief of police for my town. Now I dont care to contuine to beat down this path with this man, cause obviously going completly out of his way to not tell me under what circumstances he deinied me.

What else am I able to do here.?

3/22/2008 10:24pm,
get the **** out of jersey?

3/22/2008 10:27pm,
Yeah sounds good, but this is where I have lived all my life. Im in a small **** town right now where everyone knows everyone, leave it to beaver crap. And Im pretty new to the town, been here alittle over a year.

3/23/2008 6:22am,
Then definitely time to repack and move. that or join the lion's club/rotary or what ever it so you can rub elbows with the mayor.

3/23/2008 8:03am,
How much crazier does it get? One person arbitrarily decides whether you get a a handgun permit. There is no written criteria, nothing specific on the books, just up to an issuing officer's "discretion".

I will tell you it is not much better in New York. If you really want that handgun and you really don't want to move and you have money to spare, they actually have lawyers who specialize in this sort of thing


I know this guy specializes in NYC law but maybe if you give him a call he could reccomend someone.

3/23/2008 9:26am,

Sorry, but it's true.

Wounded Ronin
3/23/2008 3:38pm,
Would it be easier to get a shotgun or rifle?

3/23/2008 6:07pm,
Aren't you able to reguest in writing why you were denied a permit? Isn't there like a FOIA (http://www.nj.gov/grc/pdf/act.pdf) that would apply to your situation? I would press the issue to the fullest. Not to be a firearms rights person, but simply because a certain level of govt accountablility is needed to ensure that one individual is not arbitrarily approving/denying permit requests.

As a side note, I went to Louisiana the other day to go gambling. I forgot to bring my license renewal slip from out of the car. The security guard asked me (with a straight and sincere face), "Don't you have your concealed carry permit with you? That will work." I thought it was kind of funny that a Texas is expected to have a CCL (and carry it) at all times.

3/27/2008 9:13am,
Yeah I have written several times requesting information on why it got denied. Thats why I say the officer is going directly out of his way to ignore me. Its super annoying.

Ill try the Lawyer thing and send him a message of some kind.

Frankly its super annoying, to keep being persistant with this.

Thanks for the posts

3/27/2008 9:27am,
NJ is tough. That being said, I notice you stated that you have "no prior fellons" which I take to mean that you have no prior felony convictions. Does that mean you have misdemeanor arrests and/or convictions?

Lord Skeletor
3/27/2008 8:50pm,

Sorry, but it's true.

Agreed. To say that New Jersey has "draconian" gun control laws would be an understatement. More often than not...such applications can be turned down simply for no good reason without any documentation. Police chiefs have this executive authority in most states. In fact...I would be surprised if there were any notes or attached documentation. Simply a big red stamp which reads "DENIED", before it was photocopied for filing purposes and the originals shredded. My friend...I would strongly suggest moving to PA, WV, or VA---(forget Maryland); those are about the closest "gun friendly" states, unfortunately.

3/27/2008 10:13pm,
Wow. This thread inspired me to find out what exactly the NJ gun laws are.


I've never been so happy to be in NC.

3/28/2008 10:36pm,
Yeah thanks for all the comments. I have no fellons. I do however have little trival events from when I had just turned 18. I got caught with some marijuna. So I know for a fact that was one thing that is on my record.

I have contacted that lawyer. Im not sure how thats going to work out. I might take into consideration moving to PA, seeing as how, Ill be switching work locations with-in the month, which will be really close to the PA-NJ border.

Yeah NJ sucks, too many polations nd bullshit laws. NJ is a business mans state.

3/28/2008 11:00pm,
What's a polation?

3/28/2008 11:08pm,
Haha, my spelling is horrid, its those people that hold office.

Like mayor, president, vice, cheif justice, the people who do zero labor work and dictait all work.

Roidie McDouchebag
3/29/2008 1:44am,
Did you finish high school?