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11/14/2003 3:18pm,
in short:

I have real issues with the lack of accountability that people seem to feel while posting under pseudonyms.

If there are things you wouldn't do or say if everyone knew who was saying them you shouldn't do them online.

Essentially I hate the fact that people divorce themselves from their online personas, I don't take the majority things here serious, but I don't take the majority of things inlife serious anyway. Comments that aren't meant with apparent levity should be presented the way you would in real life.

Basically to reiterate what I said earlier today: "If you wouldn't say it in real life, don't say it here, otherwise you're a ***** bitch."

This also has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not people are taking what you say serious, nor if they take offence.

Of particular annoyance to me:

Flirting by people in serious relationships. If you wouldn't do it in a bar why is it okay to do online? (allright maybe I'm naive and you all would say the same things in a bar).

Going off on people for small slights, coupled with rampant obscenities. I swear, a lot. I tend to only swear at people when I really mean it though (*Kai*). This is also pretty much how I act in real life, I drop the F-bomb on friends all the time but rarely in other circumstances (while driving being the exception).

11/14/2003 3:20pm,
I am sorry... I know I used the "SEX" word with JKDChick but it was just a joke.

11/14/2003 3:20pm,
Hey DOC, thats a bigger task than regulating the martial arts industry.

11/14/2003 3:23pm,
I can understand seriousness when it comes to serious issues, but regulating something as cheesy as flirting !!!
I am on this with my wife sometimes at night, and she gets a laugh at all that innocent flitring crap, you can't take THAT **** seriously.

11/14/2003 3:23pm,
Yeah what he said....

11/14/2003 3:24pm,
Jokes are something totally different, the level of "sexual harrasment" in most places I've ever worked at was high on both ends.

I'm apparently an old-fashioned indvidual, oddly enough I'm a devout atheist.

11/14/2003 3:25pm,
"I'm a devout atheist"

There no such thing as an atheist in bullshido boards.... or is that in fox holes.... whatever..

deus ex machina
11/14/2003 3:25pm,
I'll show you "atheist", you.....atheist.

11/14/2003 3:26pm,
Yeah what he said.....

11/14/2003 3:34pm,

Your case may be different since she is aware and amused by what you say. I however think that that wouldn't be the case for many individuals, this however is much less of an issue on this board than others. I'm sure that if I actively flirted with "woman" on the internet it would hurt my spouse, not because of any doubt but simply that she would view it exactly the same as flirting in a bar.

I think a lot of this stems from a culture of anonymity that is perpetuated on the web. People should be held accountable for what they say (in that it reflects on their character).

Some members (*Deus*) frequently make off the wall and graphic comments, they are obviously made in jest and it is equally obvious when he is communicating seriously. This is not at all what I am talking about.

11/14/2003 3:45pm,
I see your point, and the very little flirting I do, is always so cheesy, I do hope no one takes it seriously...

11/14/2003 3:47pm,
I wasn't explicitly referring to anyone

11/14/2003 3:47pm,
If anything, I tend to come across more formal online. Once I build rapport, it's easier to just be more off the cuff, but it takes getting to know someone before you can really read the subtext in what they type. People that are overly attention-seeking, I tend to avoid.

11/14/2003 3:49pm,
Granted, but I know that I flirt with some of the ladies her, if you can call it that, more like chessy teasing, but that is beacuse I am very easy going and laid back, when it comes to silly things like that. But, as you know, I am also very serious when it comes time to be serious.

11/14/2003 3:55pm,

11/14/2003 4:02pm,

So no more flirthing with Deus, or Brand, or PizDoff, or anyone for that matter.

Us gay men just get no luck