View Full Version : M. Kimura VS Wandy Silva

11/13/2003 1:40pm,
Who do you think will win? (both in their prime)

And remember that Kimura was 42 when he fought Santana to a 1-0-1

I'll say Kimura by Kimura

If Yoshida almost defeat Silva, then Kimura would have killed him...

11/13/2003 3:24pm,
You fail to take into consideration that Vanderlei Silva is the evil incarnate and thusly cannot be killed.

11/13/2003 8:15pm,
If Vanderlei doesn't kill you for calling him Wandy he'll kill you for that thing in your signature. Wait, my mistake, that's not a signature; it's a fucking mural.

11/13/2003 10:37pm,
If Kimura can overcome the ugly, he will tap Wandy.