View Full Version : T.N.T Destruction Squad Scam or the real deal?

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Bruce LeeRoy
4/03/2008 10:14am,
good afternoon pointy shiny burn, i totally agree with you howvere i think this is too funny
I wish that these guys could go on a talk show with all of us as a tv audience and we can all meet face to face like jerry springer. and then i may get my hands manicured so that i can clap when i tell Roxy, my slave wife to be tnt groupie.

4/03/2008 10:15am,
You could at least try slightly varying the writing style on your obvious multiple accounts.

One, for example, could be a chirpy 19th Century chimney sweep, another a tightly-buttoned Southern plantation owner, and so on. I think richer characterisation would really bring this story to life.

Ooo, how about an elf maid. This site needs more elves.

ralph machio
4/03/2008 10:26am,
after carefully examining the pic of your team posing in your living room i was thinking to myself and remebered that you said you have a nutrionists who sponsors you. now what kind of diet is the team on? an all you can eat buffet? seriously the only one who is somewhat in shape is "bull" as far the rest of you, you look like some flabby out of shape guys who were probably picked on in high school and now your trying to make a name for yourselves.
what gives?

Bruce LeeRoy
4/03/2008 10:33am,
Ralph Macchio--- tough loss on Mr. Miyagi. sorry dude
Aces- Please tell me that with your great resume, that T.J. stands for Thomas Jefferson...that would be an amazing made for t.v. movie
Grashnak- I will be happy to let Roxy play an elf for a day.

4/03/2008 11:13am,
Don't buy it. You are Bruce Lee. And slaves, we only have komodo dragons here. Happy Birthday to you, my friend!
Out of loop - what is Napoleon Dynamite , I seem to be missing something.
Macchio, Miyagi is a hobbitt or at best a smurf.

4/03/2008 11:41am,
Hey guys, where is true Budo Spirit? I think we should give these guys a chance. I would feel more comfortable if aces posted credentials especially if I was in club. I have done some competing and I think a 72-1-0 point sparring/ full contact record is proof that they have some knowledge.

4/03/2008 11:48am,
Aces, if you do not list your lineage, this very obviously means one thing. You are a fraud. Anyone who has legit lineage would be proud to share it with anyone who asked. I have a legitimate bachelor's degree and I would openly share where I got it from with anyone who asked. This is a very simple concept.

Having falsified credentials is always bad, but the fact that you are charging 250 a month makes it that much worse. You do realize that the top martial arts schools in your area with some well known and highly skilled instructors are not charging anything close to that. I would also like to know who these specialists are that are providing their services for your school. "Cardio specialist" and "dietary specialist" are generic titles people give themselves when they have no real degree from a university which would certify them to provide their services in these areas. So, if your specialists are legit then who are they. If not, this is just another service that your students are unjustly being charged for

4/03/2008 11:50am,
Assuming that record is in any way verifiable it might be some justification for him being a point sparring instructor. But I could claim a 90-3-1 record in point sparring with no verification too. In fact, if I count EVERY sparring match I've EVER had in my TKD career I'm probably 300-100-20 or some other insane statistic. Verification or STFU.

I just realized I'm arguing with/responding to some massive coordinated troll job by a bunch of people with 10 or fewer posts who are most likely all working together in this. Bleh, I have been trolled. I hang my head in shame.

4/03/2008 11:57am,
what are you, Grenin, a f-ing cheerleader or maybe the UN Ambassador for peace in the martial arts? Go back and twirl your baton for NASKA

Bruce LeeRoy
4/03/2008 12:13pm,
I got a question... Ol' Roxy informed me that there are no ties in point sparring, so why would ace claim that the record is 72-1-0? Also, i dont care who Ace trained with I just want to know who was the only person to claim victory over Ace, or TJ, or Thomas Jefferson?

4/03/2008 12:23pm,
Kitanon, I probably was 1st to ask about this after seeing gladiator card. Posted on wrong site, whatever. Friends relative is fighting on card, checked website and asked. Shoot me that I have not achieved the highest of levels, one million posts.
Don't know these guys, never heard of them before, from what I have seen here will more than likely not hear of them again

Bruce LeeRoy
4/03/2008 12:33pm,
Kyoshi Cappacino, did you notice that on their site, they actually are training a middleweight fighter that is not human, but a fierce dragon? what is a komodo dragon anyway?

4/03/2008 12:44pm,
$250.00 is a fair price for gym membershps, weight trainig, boxing and specialists in my humble opinion.

this is not right. picture of fighter is not available.

4/03/2008 1:18pm,
Grenin where the hell are you??? I am going to send you a megaphone and some leis so you can dance and cheerlead from here to oshKosh. Maybe throw in some nunchakas for special effects. You know where to stick your humble opinion and it ain't Hawaii.
To the Jeet Kune Do expert and birthday boy. Good one - Kyoshi Cappacino,a komodo dragon is the heaviest lizard, probably only about 5,000 left in world. Good ole Roxy seems to be informed , there are no ties but record does not reflect any ties.

4/03/2008 1:19pm,
It's 35$ a month to go to my boxing gym, and 60 dollars a month to go to the regular gym down the road... That's only 90 bucks. I'm pretty sure for less than 160 I could do whatever else was included in that package.

ralph machio
4/03/2008 1:44pm,
to tj, bull, destruction squad and that cute little dragon on your page, i will reveal myself once and for all..... I am the one and only....... I am Chuck Norris's #1 fan