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ralph machio
4/01/2008 2:33pm,
also... dynamite destruction squad or whatever you call yourself... quite the martial artists you are and you do not even know how to spell the styles you have studied. that is why this blog was first made because of your lack of knowledge in the martial arts.

ralph machio
4/01/2008 2:42pm,
one more thing fight club... this website was not designed to challenge people and meet after school to fight, it was designed for people to talk about schools who sound a little fishy. and after looking at your site and talking to you, yea i think your brigade sounds a little fishy. so you really need to calm down and prepare for that fight of yours coming up so that your fight record can be 1-0 ok. no one needs to fight anyone or challenge anyone. if you dont like what people are saying about you then fix it. seriously i dont know why you are getting all butt-hurt about it picking a fight with mmafan3450. he does not want to fight you and neither does anyone else.

ralph machio
4/01/2008 3:11pm,
by the way my friends at tnt im from north carolina.. so chances are i will never see you or meet up with you anytime. sorry if any feelings were hurt, and i honestly have nothing left to say about you or your site. good luck seriously with everything. ralph machio has left the building.

4/01/2008 6:01pm,
Thanks for the publicity!

Snake Plissken
4/01/2008 6:32pm,
please post more in "bolds" so we can truly feel your rage and fury.

4/01/2008 6:36pm,
Thanks for the publicity!

Snake Plissken
4/01/2008 6:44pm,
Please don't go.
Whoever shall I give my $250 a month to?

However if you do leave, please start a "Goodbye" thread.

4/01/2008 6:57pm,
Thanks for the publicity!

Drake LaMancha
4/01/2008 7:29pm,
[quote=aceshigh414]I like laughing at all of this I am not going anywhere.

Bye the way I see another school that a lot of - not all - but a lot of you pick on Pareira bjj

They from what I can tell are a very good school with a lot of talent.

They also have a mma fighter who I know and he has a record of 2-1-0 at valhala in va
He is pretty good.

Anyway they came to our seminar and put on a demo last saturday - I put this fighter in front of RENEGADE and now he is probably going to be sponsored by them. So at least I could say that for my team - what we say is what we mean. We say to anyone who trains with us and shows potential that we will use all of our connections to help them out the best we can. And this time it worked out for the best.

I also have a question Did anyone check out RENEGADE?

Does anyone know how big they are in mma?

Does anyone know how hard and how skilled you have to be to get sponsored by them?

I have put us out there for all of you to see - good bad or indifferent. - We are sponsored by Renegade and damn proud of it. I direct you to my previous post - PLEASE INVESTIGATE I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE.
Aces I did goto Renegades fight gear's web site I am somewhat mystified and a bit confused,Thier website showed pics and names of sponsored fighters and not a one of them was named chmielnicki.NO mention of flanery or any other mmbers of your team on thier site as sponsored fighters.This does not help your cred much here I am willing to let you explain but we are needing proof.:cachas:

4/01/2008 7:44pm,

4/01/2008 8:07pm,
Thanks for the publicity!

4/01/2008 9:35pm,
I think maybe some are looking at it kind of like I am...

My cousin is in a band. He is sponsored in the sense that a few well known companies in the industry will occassionally supply his band string, drums/drum stick, cords, wires, mics, etc. He plays their equipment in his shows and records on it in the studio.

I coached Div 1 soccer in North Carolina. We were given soccer balls, cleats, bags, and uniforms, but were not under contract with Nike....

I checked out both your website and the Renegade website. I saw that none of your fighters were given face time on the Renegade site. Not to say that they aren't hooking you up with equipment, just that the connection you're making with Renegade doesn't appear tangible outside of the new equipment we can see in the photographs on your site. Everything appears to be brand new, out-of-the-box.

Where I train at, for the amount of money you're charging, I would have access nearly most of the week for most of the day (morning until late at night). Some would consider what you charge an exorbitant amount of money to train. At this point, when someone says they charge $250/month to train, one may be inclined know what your background is in training. I'm not a big UFC guru, but I can look to the American Top Team website and see a history of events attended and won, as well as where the instructor received their knowledge from. In fact, most any website you visit where there are quality qualified instructors, the background in training is prominently displayed. Conversely, when a shady individual wants to blow steam up someone's rear, they make grandiose claims of power and ability learned unto them by some secret ninja warrior on a hidden mountain somewhere deep in the dark forest. When people ask that person to discuss their claims, they typically get defensive and offer to, "beat" a person into believing their lineage and training.

Not to say that there are capable fighters with no formal training or instructors.

4/01/2008 9:39pm,
:sniperdanlets just stop all the bs, ask yourself a question what large sponsor like renegade would sponsor a fake team? I'm mean truthfully, would you take a chance banking your money with someone who lives in a cardboard box. Of course not, so that in it's self should say we are for real, because if it is how you all are making it to be then renegade wold not of sponsored us. and gladiator fight club would not have a direct link to our page..... Make sense or am I going to fast for you

4/01/2008 9:40pm,
or you can check us out in person and we'll do it for you!!!!

4/01/2008 9:44pm,
Thanks for the publicity!

4/01/2008 9:48pm,
Thanks for the publicity!