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It is Fake
4/04/2008 12:22am,
Yeah I guess so. People getting defensive when personally challenged by people who first say they know them and then lie, then they say that friends told them, then they just go to straight up being an idiot, and then to top it all off the FORUM LEADER gets on and proves why all these people get away with this kind of ****. Yeah I think this is a reason to get pissed off, when you are potentially screwing with the food on my table. Uhmm no. Asking you to provide the proof YOU offered isn't do anything of the sort.

I guess you are not even above the fray since you personally shot Bruce down when he said something about you. Guess nobody is perfect right?
Shot him down for what or do you know what you are talking about?

4/04/2008 12:29am,
How do I get my first fight to be a title shot? That's quite a trick for someone without a single MMA fight on record.
I train in the gym of a UFC veteran, he frequently teaches the classes himself. We have guys fighting amateur and pro all the time. We currently have a guy on the show The Ultimate Fighter. I pay 65$ a month. I could get a gym membership and hire a personal trainer and still come out paying less per month than you supposedly charge.
If people are really paying you that then you're ripping them off. But good luck with your fight if that's for real. We look forward to seeing the video.

4/04/2008 7:30am,
Aces you once again cited your "specialists" in justifying your pricey monthly rate. I want to know who they are or what company they work for. As I already stated, these are generic titles usually used to charge money for services that you are not qualified to provide. So, WHO ARE THE SPECIALISTS?

4/04/2008 8:20am,
wow , okay, know why high price. To either go around country training with various styles.or take seminars.Stephen Hayes is located in Ohio but travels worldwide doing his seminars in shin-to do and ninjutsu. Most of his time is devoted nowadays to seminars. Then we travel to NJ to catch USMC McMap SME & Bujintsu master at his seminars. Are we to believe that Jack Hogan has appointed you as assistant sempai (advanced student) in his style? A couple of instructors in Pa. We give Matt Hughes credit. He deserves it. What you are not posting with this great UFC fighter is that he and his twin brother were both wrestlers in high school and college. Matt won his wrestling matches all though college and won titles.4 years in a row. In fact when he graduated he also went on as a wrestling coach before he took his 1st mma challenge. He has had extensive training in something for years. Ray Garcia is also a mma fighter. Never heard of Aubrey McQueen, maybe another fighter or son of Steve McQueen. Does Master Hughes in nj have a 1st name or is 1st name Master?
Guess what people are asking is where did you get your only expert level rank in Shaolin Gung Fu from. None of these names have anything to do with any kind of Chinese Martial Arts and that is your expertise. What or who is Gosha Wan? Just asking, you invited us all to check, nothing

4/04/2008 8:48am,
Thanks for the publicity!

4/04/2008 9:53am,
oops, my royal ass. There is a mma fighter named Ray Garcia, also a Ray Garcia who is a radio announcer for sporting events. Ray Garcia who I assume is your shorin-ryu instructor cannot be found. But he is not in question, at least we know he holds balck belts in both to-shin-do with Stephen Hayes and bunjitsu with Jack Hoban, otherwise they would not promote him.
Aces, have you ever heard the name Yip Man? He actually taught Bruce Lee Wing Chun. Never heard of Gosha Wan, if you are a direct lineage, then you better damned well know correct leader and spelling of your style. That is basic.
We are making progress with these naysayers. Now I guess Master Hughes in Nj is the hapkido guy.

4/04/2008 10:50am,
Aces - sorry for being a hardass - all anyone is asking is validate your shaolin gung-fu rank. That is is your only claim to any expertise. Rest is meaningless - a few classes and seminars here and there. You seem to bounce around picking up some knowledge here and there. That is cool, no harm if you guys are training yourselves. BUT if you are training others, you should be qualified to teach something. Other names you have put on your post are meaningless. You do not claim to have any rank with them , at least not a black belt status so best to say nothing.
look at it from this vantage point. Someone comes to you and says, I took some seminars, therefore I will be your trainer and teacher. Makes no sense.

4/04/2008 1:38pm,
Thanks for the publicity!

4/04/2008 2:09pm,
Thanks for the publicity!

4/04/2008 2:44pm,
i believe it is Wong Shun Leung who taught Bruce Lee during Yip Mans classes when other students were present. Yip Man taught Lee privately. This was due to students not acceptin Lee. Why all the secrecy? You should be proud your instructor and head trainer for group has his 2nd degree sash and he tested you for a 1st. You are both proficient in that with a smatterring of other styles which you may or not feel qualified to teach. Rest of names or schools mean nothing you never got to a level to teach or instruct any of the other styles. ISKA, who fought in that? Years 1988-1992? In New Jersey? But someone on post says you only fought in Pa. That should be on your webpage, middleweight champion for 5 years, not a bunch os styles you never completed. Know a couple of good Hapkido guys. Hapkido/TKD or Combat Hapkido?
You know all the crap of not saying who you got a sash from was idiotic on your part. Made a lot think something was not kosher here. Renegade are good people who really step up to plate supplying new clubs with gear.
Any training for 3 years in Florida or just regrouping?

4/04/2008 3:01pm,
Thanks for the publicity!

4/04/2008 3:19pm,
Thanks for the publicity!

4/04/2008 3:21pm,
Okay, I come across gruff but do feel you are inexperienced. Do not want to tell you what to do, but some advice. Edit your posts, you do not need all these names of people you may have taken seminars with or took classes and never stayed the course. They do not matter to anyone and with all these names floating around, some of these guys may get pissed if you did not stay any length of time and they get a bunch of calls and e-mail and especially if they were only seminarss. Stick with your black sash and say on your site, you have limited eperience in other styles. This opens you up to nothing! Why is Flannery a secret? Post him as your instructor in kung fu, his credentials in Hapkido and that h etrained the 82nd Airborne Rangers in Fort Bragg. This could be a draw for you, too. And calm Bull down or he will be the teams downfall before your launch .No one here wants to squash your dreams, just be a bit humble and truthful. Don't come on so much as typical street brawlers or thugs. You do have some true credentials, use them.
Go forth and fight!

4/04/2008 3:32pm,
Thanks for the publicity!

ralph machio
4/04/2008 3:48pm,
so i have just read through all 16 pages... wow it seriously did not have to get this far. all you had to do was say who you trained with thats all we were asking. but their is one question that has not been answered yet and it just boggles my mind... who is the nutrionists, do you guys actually use him, and what is the diet that he has you on? from looking at the pics like i said earlier it does not look like any of you except bull (i will give bull credit he looks pretty ripped). why dont the rest of you look like him.

4/04/2008 3:58pm,
hey, no you should keep styles on for your sponsors on your website as limited experience. Then you open yourself to no one, but focus on strenghts and play them up.
Referring to this site. Edit all these names off , Jack Hogan, etc, all the seminars and schools you might have taken courses at and post your new affiliates that you are training with now and who you hold rank with. The rest mean nothing, there was no rank achieved and that was what was questioned. Don't give people more fuel to fire up.
dON'T know Frank Ehnle. Do know the Combat Hapkido guys in Arizona