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Matt W.
3/06/2008 6:17pm,
So, it all started here, where I posted my (mostly favorable) review of the Krav episode:


Then some troll started in with the usual. And then, Bambi showed up. Now, truthfully, seems like there should be some room for agreement. But somehow I got painted as an MMA nutriding armchair expert! lol And she claimed to have trained directly under Moni Aizik, and to have all this experience doing executive protection and training law enforcement. She also assumed I must never have dealt with real violence. And then, I found this...


2-3 years? 2-3 YEARS??? And, I guess "trained under" Moni Aizik actually means "attended a couple seminars." Maybe I should go to a couple GJJ seminars and then start telling everyone I trained under Rickson!

Here's a gem from the thread...

The ONLY way out of a RNC is to use abdominal and hip flexor stength to tuck your legs up, thus pulling your opponents foot closer to within reach of your hand. You pull his foot towards you (hyperextending their ankle and connections) while simultaneously burying your elbow into the inside of thigh. His choke will fly open .... arms and legs! Again, a proven technique that for some reason we in KM can't understand is never used in MMA. (My emphasis added.)

Kid Miracleman
3/06/2008 9:46pm,
For some reason, I have trouble visualizing that rear naked choke escape. It certainly SOUNDS stupid, what with the claim that it will make the choker's arms and legs "fly open."

In other words, I'd very much like to see a purty pitcher of this technique... I crave amusement.

Kentucky Fried Chokin
3/06/2008 9:52pm,
What to prevent the person applying the choke from just flatting them out or rolling them onto their stomach? Sounds like the FQ forums could use some troll power.

Vince Tortelli
3/06/2008 9:53pm,
That sounds like a move a guy who wrestled in college tried to pull on me when we were rolling, he grabbed one of my legs and started twisting on it...only to quickly tap to the choke because both of his arms were tied up messing around with my foot were not defending his neck, as they should have been.

3/06/2008 10:13pm,
The logical follow-on to that would be, 'So how would you cope with someone using a body triangle instead of hooks?'

Kentucky Fried Chokin
3/06/2008 10:15pm,
A better question is, 'How the hell is breaking someone's foot going to keep you from getting choked to death?'

Vince Tortelli
3/06/2008 10:25pm,
A better question is, 'How the hell is breaking someone's foot going to keep you from getting choked to death?'

Allow me to refine your statement:

"Will you be able to break my foot in the five seconds before the soothing curtains of darkness fall over your vision and you pee yourself?"

3/06/2008 10:31pm,
just reach down with both your arms and stick your fingers into the side of his/her glutes, making his bodylock and spleen EXPLODE.

3/06/2008 10:42pm,
How you really defend against an RNC is to use your chi to keep the blood flowing to the brain. Everyone knows that.

3/06/2008 11:03pm,
Actually I believe you must stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth and wiggle your toes. Works every time I'm defending the choke. Or I use my Aikido super deadly wristlock and make people fly away.

3/06/2008 11:31pm,
That choke escape makes no sense. And since this person feels that's the only one that works, what about the escapes that real fighters use regularly? Notable bridging and turning into guard? Doesn't the abundance of evidence that works make there at least TWO escapes that work, assuming of course whatever the hell the Krav guys are doing makes any sense?

Roidie McDouchebag
3/07/2008 2:52am,
Two things:

A) That's a really fucking retarded post from Bambi


B) You bunch of faggots need to shut your cockholsters, I used that escape a few hours ago. It's not a go-to move, and against anyone who doesn't totally suck it will fail unless you commit to it totally and have exactly the right leverage. It won't make the choke go away, per se, but the guy has to choose between his ankle blowing apart and letting go.

3/07/2008 2:54am,
i've also seen said escape done

Drake LaMancha
3/07/2008 4:03am,
It all depends on the mindset of the choker and the defender if the defender is dead set to escape at all costs then the pain of a breaking ankle is gonna make the choker let go unless of course the choker is really ready to kill the chokee at all costs.

It's not the size the dog in the fight it's the size of the fight in the dog

Matt W.
3/07/2008 1:51pm,
That's a possibility, Drake, but Vince Tortelli described the more probable outcome already.

For additional lulz, it appears I've been banned! Well, all my posts are subjected to moderator approval (a couple days later, I assume) before they will appear. Edit: My post showed up shortly after submitted. So, I guess it's not much of a ban.

3/07/2008 3:05pm,
Why do you go tothose forums? Aren't there enough idiots here who believe that **** that you have to go and find more....?

Krav is fine and all, and the mindset is very important. However, there are alot of people who defend themselves fine wthout training since that mindset is part of our instinct for survival.