View Full Version : Hello to everyone!

3/06/2008 1:24am,
Nice to meet everyone and hello to all! It is finally great to be here!

I've actually lurked for not too long. Maybe a year or prior to joining but I should of joined sooner. Great arguments, funny jokes, and great information. Hope to meet you all and back to lurking I go before I can contribute someday!

3/06/2008 1:25am,
Welcome to Bullshido, the best Martial Arts forum on the entire Internet, Pikey. Seriously, you won't regret your choice to join us. We're a great bunch of folks, except for Hannibal. And Sirc. And TaiGip. And MMA Kid. And... well, you get the point.

3/06/2008 12:30pm,
yes hi to u 2

3/06/2008 12:36pm,
Are you actually a pikey?