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3/05/2008 7:44pm,
I'm not sure if I sould have posted this in the throwdowns section so apologies in advance.

I'm going to be in Boston for a few days around March 16th. I don't want to fall behind on training so I would appreciate it if anyone from the area would let me know about any good gyms that will let me pay a single day mat fee. Also if anyone wants to meet up to roll, please let me know I have been training Judo for over a year and BJJ since May. Also there may possibly be someone with me who has about 6 years of grappling under his belt.

Thanks in advance.

The Question
3/06/2008 12:16am,
This should indeed be in the Throwdown forum. The Beantown crew on this site is about 15 strong. If you're going to be in town for a single day, check out Wai Kru Mixed Martial Arts. Google that ****, hook it up. You know how it is. If you're gonna be there, gimme a holla, I'll see what's up. What's your experience level, out of curiosity?