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King Sleepless
3/04/2008 4:17pm,




Oh yes.

Those wacky japanese have done it again. First they sold you ninjas as story elements of long lost ancient Japanese maji times. Then it became staple in any pre-1945 story that involved Japan and samurai.

Now. Now YOU can be a ninja and it won't even cost nearly as much as going to a Ninjutsu school.

Notice how they cleverly studied and replicated the welcoming mantra of any ninjutsu school:

Welcome to my dojo. You have come to learn the way of the Martial Arts. If your heart and mind are open, I will pass these lessons on to you. Here, you will learn to move like the tiger and strike like the dragon! See if you have what it takes to become a Ninja!

Artwork, really.

AND IT ONLY WILL COST SOMETHING LIKE $51.68. AWESOME! I for one will see what this game will be all about.

The curriculum:

Develop The Reflexes Of A Ninja!

Develop the reflexes of a Ninja and test your skills against up to three friends.

Master eleven belt ranks on your way to attaining your 3rd Degree Black Belt.

Six core Ninja training exercises with several variations and difficulty levels for each game

- Shuriken: Defend the courtyard from attacks on all sides with throwing stars

- Hotaru: Test your quickness against the flash of a firefly

- Hashi: One who can catch flies with chopsticks can accomplish anything

- Koi: Capture koi fish with your bare hands

- Nunchaku: Crush incoming aerial assaults with your nunchucks

- Katana: Strike down demons with your Samurai sword in a bamboo forest

Choose a unique Ninja name from over 25,000 combinations.

Calm your body, mind, and spirit with meditation lessons from your Sensei.

I'm seriously pretty excited about this. It's got good graphics and the premise is really silly. For you slower people, it's a great and concise representation of what the Japanese have been selling about ninjas for the last 70 years.

3/04/2008 4:33pm,
I'd get this as well, but only because I have No More Heroes... You take your sword up a notch to become the number one assassin.
Sounds cool, though.

3/04/2008 4:35pm,
This proves to be deliciously retarded!:XX3d:

King Sleepless
3/04/2008 4:49pm,
This proves to be deliciously retarded!:XX3d:

Oh yes, but therein will be all the fun.

3/04/2008 4:50pm,
This looks like a party game par excellence

3/04/2008 4:52pm,
Looks like Nintendo is going to go on Ashida Kim's **** list for selling his ninja secrets.

3/04/2008 5:20pm,
any game listed as "Edutainment" is already on my **** list

... and I even have a wii

3/04/2008 5:28pm,
Edutainment? Which are you, educational, or entertainment? Pick a side, we're at war.

3/04/2008 5:28pm,
Oh yes, but therein will be all the fun.Absolutly.

King Sleepless
3/04/2008 5:50pm,
any game listed as "Edutainment" is already on my **** list

... and I even have a wii

Banstick imminent.

3/04/2008 6:43pm,
Prancing about in your living room like a kid, waving your arms around and pretending to be a martial artist?

Looks like they got it pretty close to the real thing.

3/04/2008 6:57pm,
i get more ninjer reflexs playing guitar hero! give me dragonforce before ninja stars and my fingers will be teh uber d34d!y!!

King Sleepless
3/04/2008 7:04pm,
i get more ninjer reflexs playing guitar hero! give me dragonforce before ninja stars and my fingers will be teh uber d34d!y!!

Gitarooman > Guitar Hero.

It's much, much, MUCH more difficult.

Snake Plissken
3/04/2008 7:14pm,

I'm saving my allowance for the "Quincy" wii game

King Sleepless
3/04/2008 11:38pm,


Uri Shatil
3/05/2008 12:46am,
Isn't there also some sort of fitness game for the wii? And a handheld game made to improve your math skills? And one to improve your vocabulary?

Jesus, since when did video games become your goddamn homework?