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11/12/2003 7:02pm,
I was trying to get a clip I got from I believe www.judoinfo.com showing some of the Kimura Helio fight to Ronin69. Judoinfo doesn't seem to be active anymore, and I have tried e-mailing the clip to Ronin without success. Does anyone know where else he might get the clip? The file I have is labelled Kimura_Gracie2.mpeg. It is an interesting cllip..

Thanks in advance.

deus ex machina
11/12/2003 7:12pm,
Oh man, it has to be SOMEWHERE. Isn't that clip in the video files on this site?

gong sau
11/12/2003 9:06pm,
Why don't you use Messenger, or FTP it? There's billions of free ftp servers out there.

In fact, here's a link to one:

FTP Server (http://www3.sympatico.ca/gongfu/_temp/ftpserven.exe)

11/12/2003 9:45pm,

gong sau
11/12/2003 10:09pm,
...or you could do that, I suppose.

11/12/2003 10:24pm,
Judoinfo was cool .. :(

11/13/2003 9:23am,
Thanks for the help

11/13/2003 11:10am,
hmm looks like Judoinfo is back now

It WAS down earlier too.....

11/13/2003 11:13am,
Is it just me, or does the video look edited? has ANYONE seen the complete fight?

Deadpan Scientist
11/13/2003 12:35pm,
Submit the video to the site's archives right now young noob.

11/15/2003 10:51pm,
I believe videos of the fight was being sold over the internet at one time. I dont know if this is still the case.