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3/03/2008 5:05pm,
I searched the forums and found nothing on this.

There's a new blog up called "Four ounces to freedom." It's written by two different authors, one of whom seems to be a relatively experienced fighter, and by one guy who is new to the sport, and is more casual about training.

They have a few posts up, and from what I've read it's well written and funny. So, anybody else out there read it? Thoughts? Opinions?


3/04/2008 12:11am,
Surprisingly well written. Good find.

3/04/2008 2:54am,
I used to have those same dreams he is talking about all of the time, where I would punch in slow motion.

3/04/2008 3:09am,
I read the part about the dreams and flipped out. I have those dreams on a two week basis. I'll be punching a guy, be it for good/evil/sport/recreation/professional reasons, and it just feels like I'm punching in molasses.

3/04/2008 8:32am,
The whole dream thing is strange...I have those dreams about once a week. I'm not punching in slow motion most of the time, though sometimes I punch fast and then it slows down. Most of the time I'll punch the person/thing in my dream and it's like punching my pillow or something, and my hand does no damage at all. I always thought it came from the fear of the fear of opening up in a fight and not holding back, but then I could be wrong.