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11/12/2003 9:06am,
I did this thread once before, but we have a lot of new people now. Just a question. Who is the most impressive fighter you have ever met in the flesh, and what stood out about them. How, if at all, has it changed your view of MA and how you train. I once met Mike Stone at a seminar and found him to be really intense.

11/12/2003 9:07am,
Jon Blumming, Tak Kubota

11/12/2003 9:11am,
Ronin69, what were they like. Friendly, arrogant, helpful, painful?

11/12/2003 9:18am,
Richard Trammell. He's my coach and I train with him everyday so I kind of take him for granted. But we went to a Judo tournament and random people started coming up to him and congratulating him on his world championship. It was really strange. I felt very proud of him but at the same time I felt guilty because I didn't appreciate training with him as much as I think these people wound. As far as winning characteristics goes. I'd say the thing that stands out most about him is he is incredibly hard to hit. Even if you do land a shot it's never clean. He is one of those classic elusive fighters.

11/12/2003 9:20am,
They were awesome, Blumming is such a joker and Kubota, first class all the way.

11/12/2003 9:31am,
WhiteShark, Thanks. Some interesting comments. Especially about the hard to hit. I talk to a guy here in Cleveland who trained with Royce Gracie (he has one of the network schools) and what he said about him was that he was so smooth. He just flowed into techniques. Interesting.

11/12/2003 10:01am,
THe good ones make it look effortless, they all have THAT in common.

11/12/2003 10:21am,
The most impressive fighter, scratch that, freak of nature i have ever met...no question. Test of the WWE. It was probably 3 years ago when i used to be a waiter in a local steakhouse. The WWE was having some kind of stupid show the next day and we had a few in the restaurant earlier in the evening. they were all pretty cool and laid back, cracking jokes and signing autographs.

Anyways, about 1/2 hour before closing, Test ( i don't know his real name and my coworkers had to tell me what his WWE name is) comes in. All alone. This dude is like 6'10 and has to weigh over 350 lbs. He proceeds to sit down and eats an entire rack or ribs, a t-bone, 2 baked potatoes, 2 salad, and for dessert--cheesecake. It was obvious from his body language that he didn't want to talk to anybody. He just sat there talking on his cell phone for like an hour. Unless you have actually seen one of these guys up close, there is really no comparison.

11/12/2003 10:28am,
6'10 350lbs.... Thats a big guy.

11/12/2003 10:29am,
he's taller than he looks here:

11/12/2003 10:32am,
You should have rushed up to him, and tackled him. At least when you were in the hospital it would have allowed you see yourself on the news.

11/12/2003 10:39am,
Originally posted by Justme
You should have rushed up to him, and tackled him. At least when you were in the hospital it would have allowed you see yourself on the news.

:)) i think i probably would have just bounced off of him

11/12/2003 10:39am,
Height: 6 foot 6
Weight: 280 pounds
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Finishing Move: Big boot
Career Highlights: Intercontinental Champion; Hardcore Champion; European Champion; WWE World Tag Team Champion; WCW Tag Team Champion

At 6 foot 6 with 280 pounds of solid muscle to boot, Test is one of the most physically dominant Superstars to ever set foot in the ring and he is clearly a future star in this industry.
During his brief career, Test has occupied many different prominent roles in WWE. He entered the fray as a hired gun in 1998 for Mr. McMahon’s Corporation, but quickly his looks led to unique relationships with many of WWE’s hottest Divas.

After the breakup of the Corporation, Test forged a partnership with Stephanie McMahon that would have led to marriage, had it not been for Triple H and his secret partnership with Stephanie. A short time later, WWE Diva Trish Stratus “discovered” Test and partnered him with Albert to form a successful tag team known as T&A. After that run, Test embarked on a singles career that included an Intercontinental and Hardcore Championship reign. He also enjoyed a relationship with Diva Stacy Keibler, during which Test’s questionable treatment of the young Keibler solidified his role as one the fans loved to hate.

During his WWE career, Test has proven two things—First, that he has the strength and athleticism to be a star for a long time to come, and secondly that he shies away from nobody. The combination should keep Test’s name in the headlines for many years.

11/12/2003 10:40am,
yeah... I would have hit him and he probably wouldn't have even known... Maybe just grab his cheesecake and run!

11/12/2003 10:44am,
i stood right next to him, he's bigger than that.

11/12/2003 10:45am,
One word: STEROIDS